Tech Review – FujiFilm Instax mini 40 camera. #FujiFilm #InstaxMini40

I am not a huge camera fan and I hardly use a proper camera if you will I have always been one to use my mobile phone and this was due to Nokia devices such as the Lumia 1020 for example and it pretty much has been the same since until Nokia/ Microsoft left the scene then I moved onto other devices and back to Nokia branded devices when HMD took the helm. I hold a huge collection of these phones and other brands and they have been pretty much the staple for photography and video for me and I know many others in the same boat and it will always be that was since mobile phones have got so good with their cameras.

I am a retro fan and collector when it comes to many things in life, phones is my main favourite then trainers and watches and I have amassed a huge collection over the years and these still grow today and this is why I like the Instax cameras and this model in particular even more so. These cameras are a niche product but a large niche and I can see why people love them, The INSTAX SQUARE SQ1 MINI LINK and MINI LI PLAY are previous models I have tested and have went down really well with 85K views alone on You Tube and over 250K site views combined which shows there is interest in these products and I can understand why and that is from someone who is not a DSLR/Camera fan to begin with but understands the technology behind such but they just never appealed to me but these cameras do.

It is a big camera lets not mistake this it is cumbersome you have to carry film with you it will take up room in your bag but the thing is you get your images there and then, when was the last time you actually went and got films developed?? Go on I will wait for that answer..  We are so immersed in our mobile phones today and even before the pandemic struck I really cant remember when I seen someone with an actual proper camera in their hand apart from tourists on O Connell st bridge and they where huge DSLR cameras and they both tie in together here when it comes to size but the outcome is different.

Ok so the deal overall here is this is a retro camera that takes decent images pending the conditions and it is a simple click and go, no messing around with settings like your phone or standard camera and so on, I find that things closer to the lens come out better and sharper and bright conditions the best but for a night out or a trip to the park or sea this is great for getting those family shots etc, the only caveat here is that film is expensive and at times images can get blown out but it is a really nice camera to have at your disposal and is fun to use and most importantly you get a credit card sized photo there and then rather than having to wait for them to be developed.

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