Tech Review – OneOdio A30 ANC headphones. #Headphones #Tech

Stuck for a pair of ANC headphones and on a budget well these might be something to look at coming in under 60 euro, From testing and owning countless pairs of leading headphones myself it is great to see how much the cost to performance ratio has hit headphones and TWS earbuds and with ANC being a must have these do rather well given the cost here.

Having tested these over the Xmas period these do a really good job overall and this includes sound. More on the bass heavy side those who like bass will like these and the also get really loud too which is a personal feature I like however if using an iPhone APPLE will tell you otherwise and from testing these for a week solid several hours a day APPLE turned the volume down on my behalf.

So they are loud and the sound is great, especially watching films, I had these paired with my Projector too and they really give you that immersive feel to whatever you watch, direction is good highs lows and mids are fine and voice, background noises also picked up really well, the controls are simple to use with raised buttons and these are easy to navigate blindly too and work very well and all housed on the left side, on the right side you have got your ANC switch too and this works well, I have a fan beside my bed and once switched on the noise is gone and a good indicator as some headphones I have used you could still here it but not this time. Given once placed on the ears most of the external noise is gone but I could hear the fan but not after turning on the ANC.

For the money you cant complain really they are built well they are comfortable good battery life and they have decent ANC compared to more expensive headphones out there..


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