Tronsmart offers their best 11.11 promotion EVER! #Tech #Tronsmart

11.11 again, everyone knows that every seller will give the best discount on this day. But what valued products do you need to buy to save your pocket in the current climate? Spending money on the right things always make people happy. All right, let’s see what Tronsmart has to offer this year!


Tronsmart Onyx Ace Qualcomm TWS earphones for your iPhone 12

The launch of iPhone 12 became a hot topic recently because Apple just canceled the earphones and charging cable which were standard accessory before. The Apple-like design Tronsmart Onyx Ace is definitely the best choice for you to match your iPhone 12. Like what Forbes said about Onyx Ace,”It’s the best alternative of Apple AirPods”. Onyx Ace is equipped with Qualcomm chip for aptXTM lossless audio decoding, 6 mics together with cVc 8.0 & DSP technology for crystal clear calls. 24 hours play time gives you the whole day listening. IPX5 waterproof allows you to use no matter rain or sweat. Once it was seriously stock-out when it was released. This time for 11.11, Tronsmart just offered you the really low price of only 19.79USD! 67% OFF!  Link:



Tronsmart Apollo Bold Qualcomm Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling TWS earphones

Apollo Bold was released few months ago and it immediately caught attention all over the world.  Apollo Bold is the first one which uses Qualcomm flagship chipset QCC5124. The use of the hybrid ANC (Feedback and Feedfoward active noise cancelling) technology, plus up to 35dB noise reducing make it compete with Apple AirPods pro and Sony WF-1000XM3. Three scenario usage mode allows you to listen to music wherever you go. Up to 10 hours playtime also kills most ANC earbuds. More importantly, the release of the APP makes Apollo Bold step a new stage! With APP, you can control EQ mode and listen to any music genre you like. In the end, you will be shocked by the cut-down price with only 89.99USD!



Tronsmart T6 Mini 360°Surround Sound Bluetooth Speaker

Tronsmart T6 series speakers have already become widely known. People have said, “If you want to buy a speaker, but cannot afford a JBL, then choose Tronsmart”. Yes, Tronsmart speakers have been ranked as one of the five brands according to GFK(The world authoritative research agency)  report. Tronsmart T6 mini inherits the similar design as the best-seller T6. The round shape allows T6 mini to provide 360 degree surround sound. The palm sized speaker can output up to 15W power and produce exceptional deep bass. True Wireless function provides you the amazing stereo sound. With the lanyard and IPX6 waterproof, you can take it anywhere. It’s the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts. 24 MONTHS standby time! Never worry about charging! 24 Hours play time gives you the whole day and night joyful time. Today for 11.11, it costs only 19.99USD! If you like to listen to music when you go out, then take it!



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