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Over the past month UK and Ireland has had to adapt to a completely new way of life and for many, this has meant moving their workplace out of offices and into the home.

Many of us have been transforming lounge areas, spare rooms, kitchens and conservatories into an office. However, one problem can be as the temperature increases it can be hard to keep cool whilst working without the luxury of air conditioning.

Available online and on Amazon, the AirGo smart fan, the first of its kind, is packed full of features designed to help users cope with hot conditions.

Before the working day begins, users can set the fan to a schedule to cool the room beforehand. It can also be controlled from the free GeoSmartPro app so users can create automations based on the temperature or simply change speeds at the touch of a button – even midway through a conference call.

Features include:

App Automation –allows users to automate the fan’s actions and triggers according to their preferences. For example, if the area you are in gets too hot the fan will automatically kick in as the temperature raises above your preferred set limit. The fan uses WiFi to source and follow temperatures.

Schedule – allows users to set the fan to turn on and off at set times. So, if you want your room cool before you start work you can set the fan to come on an hour or so before you get to your desk.

 Timer – users can set it for up to eight hours, ideal for hotter nights

 Mode – users can choose between 3 modes, one of which mimics nature’s air flow to ensure a controlled and calming breeze, giving you a feeling of sitting outdoors.

Speed –the fan can be set to low, medium or high fan speed depending on your preferences.

Noise reduction technology – AirGo smart fan is one of the quietest fans on the market and has been awarded with the Quiet Mark, meaning no more disturbed nights through fan sounds.

GeoSmartPro’s AirGo Smart Fan is also compatible with voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The AirGo Smart Fan is available for £109.99 from and

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