There is no shortage of free PDF readers and viewers you can use, but which one should you choose? 

One really successful representative of this category is Slim PDF Reader developed by Inc. 

Slim PDF reader is acclaimed as the most lightweight, minimalist PDF viewer ideal for basic PDF viewing that takes only a couple of MB on your computer, though it lacks some advanced functions.  

Now, the well-known free PDF reader has received a major update. Version 2.0 keeps its small footprint (15.1MB) while adding some powerful new features and functionalities to its toolbox. 

Let’s find out what this updated free PDF reader has to offer.

The New & Intuitive UI

Slim PDF Reader has gotten a new modern, and simplified UI that allows for a clear and streamlined PDF viewing and handling. 

If the user interface looks familiar, it’s because it’s inherited from its older sibling Able2Extract Professional, an all-in-one PDF solution we already had the pleasure of showcasing here.  

Once you run the program, you’re welcomed by a nicely designed Start Page that provides you with quick and easy access to your recently viewed documents. 

Besides being able to access the most recent files you opened, you can also adjust the UI scaling, and switch between the default light and new dark UI theme

On top of looking modern and stylish, the new dark theme uses a colour palette that doesn’t hurt the eyes as much as the default theme, making it the  perfect choice for working in low light conditions. 

The Start Page also hosts a promo banner where you can download a free trial of the above mentioned Able2Extract Professional. 

PDF Viewing & Navigation

Slim PDF Reader provides you with different ways to view your PDF content using various options from the main toolbar, side panels, and viewing options nested in the footer toolbar. 

You can use the footer viewing options to: 

  • Switch between pages, or go to a specific page in the document
  • Rotate the pages by 90 degrees in the chosen direction
  • Zoom in and out or use one of preset viewing options
  • Set a single page or a two page viewing mode
  • Search through the document for specific keywords
  • Switch between the light and dark UI theme

The left side panel enables easy access to thumbnails, bookmarks, and attachments. 


Also, note that you can open more than one PDF, and easily jump back and forth between the documents in the navigation bar. 

Content Extraction Tools 

As a rule, PDF content cannot be easily changed. For instance, you can’t edit PDF text or convert it to another file format without using advanced PDF tools. 

However, Slim PDF Reader offers some basic, yet useful content extraction functionalities with the Copy and Snapshot tools

If you need to extract a specific portion of text from your PDF and import it into MS Word for editing, you can select the text using the Selection tool, click on the Copy button, and finally paste the text in MS Word. 

Likewise, if you want to create an image of a specific graphic or other content, use the Selection and Snapshot tools to get the job done.  

Advanced Review Tools 

Besides the basic functionalities like printing, filling out forms, and editing document information, Slim PDF Reader offers some advanced tools not found in regular PDF viewing programs. 

In order to markup and review your PDF content, you can use one of 10 distinct annotation options:

  1. Sticky Notes
  2. Underline
  3. Highlighter
  4. Stamp
  5. Caret
  6. Squiggly Line
  7. Strikethrough
  8. Attachment
  9. Link
  10. Watermark


Adding annotations to PDF is quick and easy. You simply select one of the annotation tools from the right side panel and place it where you want it on the page.  From there, you can customize the appearance of the markup and leave comments that are visible in the sidebar. 

That isn’t where the advanced features end, though. Slim PDF Reader is also equipped with digital signature verification capabilities. If you receive a PDF that has a digital signature attached to it, you can validate the signature and display its ownership info in the Digital Signatures tab.

The Verdict

Slim PDF Reader is a fast and resource-saving tool that opens and displays PDF documents in no time. The free PDF reader offers diverse viewing options and impressive productivity tools packed inside a modern UI. 

The new UI, cross-platform support, powerful toolbox, and small size make Slim PDF Reader a natural alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader and other well-known PDF readers. 

You can get it completely free from the developers website here

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.