Healthy Air Guide: Livy offers new app feature for healthier air quality. #Health #Air #LivyProtect

The all-in-one smart home product Livy Protect has now extended its functionality with the new Healthy Air Guide

The new feature expands the sensors in the Livy Smart Ring – which measure temperature, humidity and air quality – now with an analysis function in the app that shows the user, at a glance, how healthy their indoor room climate is. At the same time, the app also recommends appropriate measures to improve air quality. 

The Healthy Air Guide shows four different overall readings, in the form of the so-called Healthy Air Guide Index. The user can therefore see the overall assessment at a glance: Optimal, Acceptable, Bad or Unhealthy. These readings are calculated by combining the different temperature, humidity and air quality measurements from the smart home device Livy Protect into one evaluation. Below the Healthy Guide Index, users will find three additional diagrams for temperature, humidity and air quality (VOC). The user has the opportunity to view their indoor climate readings over a period of the last 24 hours. This way, users can see the direct influences their actions have on their indoor room climate. 

A push-notification is sent to the user’s smartphone each time their indoor climate status changes. With this information, better long-term heating and ventilation behaviour can be achieved. 

“We wanted to give our customers a better overview of their air quality, with an easier-to- read graph and provide them the tools they need to create a healthier indoor climate. This also leads to better routines and overall improved health,” said Ali Reza Humanfar, CEO and Head of Development at HUM Systems GmbH. “We are planning on continually improving this feature to give our customers the best all-round experience with Livy.” 

The Healthy Air Guide is now available within Livy Plus, where customers can book additional services and features for their home. Livy Plus belongs to Livy and its flagship product Livy Protect. Livy Protect combines fire and burglary protection with indoor climate measurement into one device, and is therefore the ideal entry-level security solution. 

A special feature within the Livy App is the Community Function, which offers users additional added value. In an emergency, selected friends, family members and neighbors will receive warning notifications on their smartphones. With the help of the integrated Quick Chat function, the community can react quickly and act together in an emergency situation. 

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