First look at the @KitSoundUK Immerse 75 Noise cancelling Wireless headphones. #Tech #Headphones #Kitsound

We have been heavily focusing on true wireless of late and not done there yet but we have a few headphones to check out in the coming weeks and we are starting off with Kitsound UK, This is our first product from the company and I look forward to putting these to the test As our readers know I am a huge headphones fan and true wireless fan and we have the biggest range covered here with real hands on review, I will be sharing my thoughts in the coming week or so about these but on first impressions I am impressed but time is needed to get a better picture on how they perform.

These are also an affordable pair of headphones an as I have said before,the cost to performance ratio is coming down which is a win for the consumer so will these fit into that bracket for under a €100, find out soon and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the interim.



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