Skyroam, the global WiFi provider that keeps users connected in over 130 countries, is expanding beyond flat-rate global data to offer new, lower-priced local WiFi data plans designed for domestic travel and everyday use. From business travellers who need a more reliable and affordable alternative to hotel, airport, or conference WiFi, to members of the mobile workforce who cannot get guaranteed fast, secure WiFi from public café internet, to RV owners who want to cruise with connectivity, Skyroam’s hotspots paired with the new local data plans offer an affordable portable WiFi solution.


The new local options will be available within the successful Skyroam GoData Pay-Per-GB plan in the US and Europe and will work with any Skyroam hotspot including the 2 newest models, Skyroam Solis X WiFi Smartspot and Skyroam Solis Lite.



With 2 new hotspots and lower-priced WiFi plans, Skyroam is offering consumers an alternative to traditional domestic hotspots which can be expensive, require long-term data contracts with carriers, connect to only 1 network and have surprise global roaming fees. In contrast, Skyroam Solis Lite is just $119.99/£119.99/€139.99 and the all-new Skyroam Solis X, the World’s first Smartspot, is at $179.99/£179.99/€199.99 and includes a power bank, camera, and smart assistant. For consumers’ ultimate flexibility, Skyroam plans never require a contract, have no hidden fees and offer both local and global data on-demand. And with Skyroam’s vSIM technology and the Skyroam network, consumers always get connected to the best signal among multiple local networks at home and abroad.

The new GoData local plans are an ideal choice for those needing reliable, secure WiFi domestically including:


  • Business travellers who need WiFi for their laptops and don’t want to tether their phones, using personal phone data and draining phone batteries
  • Commuters who want to stay productive during their morning train, bus and car-share rides
  • Travellers who need a private, secure connection and do not want to or are not allowed by their companies to connect to public WiFi
  • Companies who want to save money by having employees share WiFi while traveling (up to 10 devices at once)
  • Mobile phone users who live, work, or visit areas without good coverage from their primary phone carriers
  • Families who want to turn their car into a WiFi hotspot for road trips
  • Students who want to work from anywhere on campus
  • Those who travel both domestically and internationally and want just 1 hotspot that can work anywhere, with service that flexes with them

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“The Skyroam WiFi Smartspot just got smarter with new cheaper local data plans” said Eric Plam, President of Skyroam. “The GoData local plans will give our customers in the US and Europe more flexibility to use every day for business, family-travel, and fun.”



Skyroam customers will see two new options available within the GoData plan. For those who want to stay on the flat rate plan, GoData global coverage is still $9/month for 1GB of data to use anytime, anywhere. Local USA coverage is $6/month for 1GB to use anytime and Local European coverage will be €5/month for 1GB of data to use anytime. Customers can top-up anytime if they need more data, for the same prices as their initial 1GB.

As an additional bonus, the first 500 subscribers will get an extra 15 GBs to use anytime (a $90 / €75 value).

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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