Skyroam, the developer of virtual SIM (vSIM) technology that keeps users connected in over 130 countries, today announced it has partnered with BLU Products, a leading smartphone brand in the United States, to launch the BLU G9 phone with SIMO, the first mobile app that offers on-demand mobile data right out of the box, giving consumers instant access to local and global connectivity without physical SIMs.

“We are thrilled to come together on this partnership that will enable more mobile users to seamlessly connect to Skyroam’s global mobile network for broader coverage, lower costs, and more flexible plans whether they’re at home or abroad,” said Eric Plam, Skyroam’s President.

Given the breakthrough nature of this technology, Skyroam has created a new sub-brand, SIMO, to distinguish this product and benefits from its successful global WiFi hotspot business. The SIMO app gives consumers the ability to access US and international data on their mobile phone with no physical SIM required. It’s the first product that lets consumers truly free their phones from restrictive rate plans and contracts!

Unlike most mobile phones which require a physical SIM card or WiFi network to access mobile data, users of the new BLU G9 with SIMO can simply power on their phone, open the pre-loaded SIMO app from the home screen, choose from domestic or international data packages, and connect. The SIMO app uses Skyroam’s patented virtual SIM (vSIM) technology on the phone’s baseband chip to deliver 4G LTE data via the Skyroam data network, automatically serving the best connection based on the user’s location without needing a SIM card or carrier plan.

This partnership is a terrific option for customers who want to enjoy all that the mobile Web has to offer, but they don’t want to pay for more than they need or worry about overages or roaming fees. With no contracts or overage fees, customers can choose a data plan that gives them more while paying less (SIMO data packages starts as low as $3). Also, unique SIMO data is available in either domestic or global packages, with no contracts and no fees, so users can affordably and easily stay connected in all 130+ countries where the Skyroam network has coverage.

“The BLU G9 is a great option for travelers looking for alternatives to roaming fees and families looking for inexpensive mobile data options for a first phone for younger users,” adds Plam.

The BLU G9 phone with SIMO is available now at and B&H, and will be available soon on Amazon,, and MicroCenter retail outlets for $160. During the initial launch, all new customers will receive 1 Free GB of data to use anywhere, anytime via the SIMO app.

 “This partnership represents a unique opportunity to offer more access and flexibility to our customers,” says Samuel Ohev-Zion CEO of BLU Products. “We want to give them the best experience from the moment they open their new phone to its everyday use.” 

BLU is the first U.S.-based smartphone manufacturer to offer on-demand local wireless data from the SIMO app, since Skyroam launched the technology in 2018. Skyroam’s patented virtual SIM technology has been enabled on select baseband chips that power the latest generation of smartphones, enabling instant access to Skyroam’s mobile network through the SIMO app. It emerges at the right time to bring access and affordability to mobile data for consumers nationwide seeking a more affordable, hassle-free way to stay connected.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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