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Irish company Full Health Medical have today been announced in the annual ‘Global Digital Health 100’, by medical journal, The Journal of mHealth.

Full Health Medical is a software platform designed and driven by doctors to streamline care, for patients, to facilitate preventative medicine on a global scale. FHM is solving what the company sees as the single biggest problem in medicine – the problem of communication. Their reporting tools empower patients to understand complex medical data through medical data interpretation and the provision of context for how those medical results will impact upon an individual’s day-to-day life.

The Global Digital Health 100 is one of the HealthTech industries foremost technology award programmes, celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship. It recognises and supports health technology companies that are demonstrating the greatest potential to change the way that healthcare is delivered. This year’s 100 sees many new entrants from all sides of the HealthTech spectrum, from new innovators looking to apply technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual/augmented reality to healthcare, to solution providers who are demonstrating rapid growth in more established tech-led services like telehealth, digital therapeutics and behavioural change programmes.

Speaking of the news, CEO of Full Health Medical, Paul Mc Carthy,

“This recognition is a major achievement for us. To be listed amongst some of the top and most exciting health-tech innovators in the world is truly gratifying. We have been and continue to work tirelessly to broadcast our message and our technology to people all over the world – and the Global Tech Awards have now given us an additional platform from which we can communicate with people across the globe.

The med-tech industry is exciting and continuously developing. However, with over 47,500 health apps on the Itunes store alone, there can also be a lot of noise in the sector, so trying to stand-out from the crowd and make your own voice heard can be a challenge. These awards have given us a leg up in that regard, and we fully intend to use this window to make ourselves known to those who have yet to hear of, or see, our offering. Our experience to date has been that once people see what we have to offer, engagement becomes a natural next step, and so we always keep a focus on securing opportunities to showcase our technology”.

The list also provides insight into key sectoral trends that are beginning to see emerge from across the healthcare continuum in terms of the adoption of technology-led products and services. Certain areas in particular saw stand out growth during 2018, including technology-delivered mental health treatment, diabetes technology, data-led disease management, TeleHealth, and behavioural change therapies.

Matthew Driver, Managing Editor of The Journal of mHealth, said

The diversity of this year’s list stands out immediately. With innovations targeting just about every corner of healthcare, the honouree companies offer technologies across a range of categories including clinical solutions, wearable technologies, healthcare applications, medical devices, virtual reality and data analytics. These are all solutions and services that are transforming, or have the potential to transform, and disrupt the way in which healthcare is delivered.”

Looking to the future, Full Health Medical Co-founder and A&E Consultant Dr Ann Shortt said,

“Last year was a busy one for us and the year ahead looks no different. In 2018 we saw a whole line of projects coming together. We have an efficient, fluid process of facilitating medicals from the online appointments process, to the medical workflow and the patient’s end reporting too.

 2019 has gotten off to a great start with new investment, underpinned now by a recognition amongst our industry peers of what we are trying to do. This year we are focused on expanding into new markets, growing the team further and bringing new features onboard. The ultimate aim is that everybody gets a full understanding of their own health – what they were tested for, why they were tested, and what they need to do about it. It sounds simple, but the current health service often leaves people at sea. Clear personal medical information is critical to affect change in people.

We are committed to setting the standard for preventative medicine and health and wellness monitoring.  People should automatically expect to have a clear, personal, written interpretation of any medical test result. Our next goal is to support the integration of our innovative technology into the wider health system both in Ireland and beyond, so that it will deliver pathway enhancements that are measurable, reproducible and scalable.”

Anyone wishing to read the current edition of the Journal, or to subscribe, can do so by visiting

The Journal of mHealth also organise the acclaimed annual Global Digital Health 100 power-list recognising the most innovative companies working in the HealthTech industry. If you want to know which companies are succeeding, and why, along with the latest technology trends in health technology then visit

Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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