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Just announced, HMD Global partners with three leading wireless providers to offer latest Nokia phones to North American consumers,this will be certainly great news and give Nokia and HMD more foothold which will be of benefit to all including consumers. Can HMD deliver?? Well I hope they can.

David McQueen, Research Director at tech advisory firm, ABI Research sent his comments on this news and I fully agree with his sentiment. Here is what he had to say..

Could this be third time lucky for Nokia in its bid to enter the North American smartphone market?

It is no secret that Nokia has failed dismally in previous attempts to crack the North American market, both when it was the largest mobile phone vendor on the planet and then during its Microsoft smartphone platform phase. But, perhaps this time around its fortunes may change. HMD Global, now the home of Nokia phones, has taken a step in the right direction with today’s announcement of new collaborations with three wireless providers in North America – Cricket Wireless and Verizon in the United States and Rogers Communications, Inc. in Canada. The hope is that these partnerships may finally do the trick and springboard the company into a position where it can expand in North America through offering its latest Nokia phones, while also supporting HMD Global’s long-term growth strategy in the region.

Working in its favor on this occasion is that the Nokia devices now decisively use the Android platform, while also leveraging on an ecosystem of strong partnerships in imaging, software, and manufacturing. Moreover, today’s Nokia smartphones still carry many of the hallmarks from a time when the brand was at its peak, notably those of reliability, durability, and ease of use.

The main stumbling block for the company is that no one in North America has ever really heard of the brand, let alone used one of its devices, and this is where the partnerships need to prove their worth. It is incumbent on the wireless carriers to promote and assure Nokia as a trusted brand that will resonate with the North American consumer. Certainly, an edict that has failed previously, although the task does seem much simpler to portray this time.

Specifically, HMD Global is to start with the launch of two wireless provider-specific devices in the US and another in Canada. For the US, the Nokia 3.1 Plus and Nokia 2 V will provide value-priced smartphones to the market, offering long battery life packaged in a well-featured, quality design. These are expected to be just the start as more devices at different price points are to be added over the coming months. By targeting the value mid-range sector with its new smartphones, the very-European Nokia brand may have struck at an opportune time, filling a potential void where competing Chinese vendors have fallen foul to on-going trade wars in the US market.

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You can read the press release from HMD today HERE

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