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Computers are vital for accomplishing various useful tasks and  to meet everyday goals. At times, our computers can get muddled with unnecessary files, programs, duplicate files and registry keys that can fill up disk space. In reality, they are not damaging but can slow down the PC’s speed. Its quite irritating and even we can see our computer getting slower day by day. With it, our precious time, money and effort get totally wasted. But now all the worries can get over as defencebyte Computer Optimizer is there to help!

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer proves to be a great product and assists users in optimizing the speed of a computer effectively. This amazing product helps in completing tasks smoothly and that too in a shorter span of time. The software comprises extensive technologies to rectify PC issues and registry malfunctions as well.

It is regarded as the most reliable software that helps in speeding up the PC processes by eliminating the unwanted files that restrict its performance. It is probably the most amazing PC Cleaner with the features to look up to. If users want a smooth running computer, selecting this software can come up to be a decent choice.

An easy to install and setup product, this software scans the computer’s hard drives and all the issues to search and erase unused entries and broken files that can take place from the following:


  • Driver updates and removals
  • Invalid paths
  • Failed software installation and uninstallation
  • Empty registry keys
  • Invalid file associations
  • Invalid custom controls and more.

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Features of defencebyte Computer Optimizer

Cleans up computer’s registry

It helps in cleaning up the PC’s registry to offer users an effortless working condition. It basically comprises information about installed programs, settings and computer user’s passwords. It is also vital to be aware of the fact that Windows Registry is also full of important keys that store data, and if the wrong ones get deleted accidentally, the PC can get messed up.

Eradicates programs that users do not need

defencebyte Computer Optimizer helps in eliminating programs and files that are ineffective and create needless issues. Such types of files often crop up issues that simply restrict the speed of the computer.


Detects which hardware needs to be replaced

Computer Optimizer is helpful in noticing which hardware parts are to be replaced to offer a faster computer speed. Unwanted hardware often creates lethargic speed that is frustrating. So, choosing it can be a fruitful deal.

Controls Startup programs

Computer Optimizer by defencebyte helps in controlling programs to keep the performance at the top always. It also helps in completing every important task free from hinderances. This software comes up to be the preferred one for many users.  


A lightweight product that helps users in accomplishing tasks smoothly. A completely perfect PC cleaning product helps to gain results in a shorter span of time. Choosing it would prove to be assisting in fulfilling the desire of attaining a more rapid working computer.  

Easy set up

The software is easy to set up and helps in rectifying computer issues in a minimum possible time. By saving up a lot of time, this software becomes the most preferred choice for users.



  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Enhances PC Speed
  • Removes unnecessary programs and files
  • Optimize Computer registry
  • Update system drivers
  • Saves time and money



Does not work with Apple & iOS products

Minimum System Requirement

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, both 32bit and 64 bit

Hardware Requirements:CPU: Pentium 233 MHz or above

RAM: 128 MB or above.


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