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With CES 2019 done and dusted there was lots to see and of course lots of vaporware which may never see a shop floor and of course some tech goods that made people scratch their head too. Going forward in 2019 the talk is of 5G and 8K screens. However for 8K screens I feel we are not ready for them yet due to the lack of content and even at that we wont be able to tell the difference unless you sit right in front of it, and with 5G in mobile we are still some way to go but when this happens perhaps in 2020  it will change everything including IoT/VR which will be popular and continue to grow this year.  Argos had some buyers comment on the tech on show and they have sent them to us for you to check out their thoughts on what is in store for the consumer in the coming year. I also shared some thoughts recently in the Irish Independent


Chirag Shah, Smart Home Buying Manager at Argos, said:

 “Millions of people are already using home assistants to streamline household tasks and this year’s CES has seen the launch of some really exciting smart home appliances. These include the new LG Styler, a garment-steaming closet which will be sure to cut down on ironing time and the Ring Door View Cam, which requires no hardwiring or modifications to the front door, offering genuine benefits to customers right now.

 “2018 was the year smart home tech hit the mainstream, with Argos seeing a 151 per cent rise in demand for smart speakers and it’s been no surprise to see the majority of home appliances launching at CES including voice control. 2019 is set to see UK homes get even smarter with the line between smart home products and robots becoming less obvious.

 “The Temi robot, a virtual assistant capable of autonomous navigation, telepresence and light controls gave us a exciting glimpse into the future, whilst the Luka reading robot, designed to empower children to take breaks from screens and read more, hinted at a rise in smart toys.”



Phil Elford, Head of Technology, Argos, said:

 “One of the most exciting launches was Royole’s FlexPai, the world’s first smartphone with a foldable screen. This is the first of many more foldable phones rumoured to be launching later this year and as we have seen growing demand for larger screen sizes among our customers, we know they will be excited to get their hands on one.

 “These larger, foldable screens will deliver a better viewing experience for streaming content and making video calls and we eagerly await more news from Mobile World Congress next month.”


Anne Eaglesfield, Head of Consumer Electronics, Argos, said:

 “We have seen growing demand for larger screen sizes over the years – in fact last year sales of jumbo TVs (65” or more) soared by 139 per cent year-on-year as customers looked to create cinematic experiences at home.

 “The previews of Samsung’s ‘Wall’ and ‘Window’ displays were very impressive and demonstrate that the screen technology we all enjoy in the cinema can now truly be transferred into our homes. We’re confident that the 75” 4K TV will go down a storm with our customers.

 “We’re also really excited to see that the Signature R OLED, LG’s rollable TV, will actually go on sale this year. It will offer viewers a more flexible viewing experience, such as being able to open a third of the screen to see the weather and watching the unrolled screen for movies. It will also provide more control over the space typically occupied by the TV as users can choose to roll it away at specific times.

 “Looking into the future, the 8K TV announcements from both LG and Samsung were very interesting. While 8K offers an enhanced viewing experience (with four times the resolution of 4K), there is currently no content for 8K and it will be a good few years before this standard comes close to reaching a mainstream audience, so we predict demand for 4K TVs will continue to rise this year.”

Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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