LIFX, maker of Wi-Fi connected LED smart lighting,announces new features. #LIFX #CES2019

 LIFX, maker of Wi-Fi connected LED smart lighting, today announces new features to its Tile product; Tile Tap and Tile Fire.The enhanced features will enable users to control a whole set of five tiles through Colour, Morph, and Fire modes. If you want to add some cool tech to your sitting room or any room these are what you should be looking at.

From Q1 2019 (Exact date TBD) Tile Tap will be fully integrated into the Tile product to allow users the ability to ‘tap’ into any tile product.

Ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere in any room, the Tile Fire mode means Tiles will now have the effect of a roaring fire.  Furthermore, the latest app update will allow users to alter the brightness on any tile effect.

All existing Tile owners will be able to experience the Tap and Fire features as they operate through firmware, meaning once purchased the Tile users can experience all future updates. The Tile had an accelerometer built-in from the beginning making future features available to all via software updates.

LIFX aims to making smart lighting as simple as possible for users with just one light needed and no need for a hub or bridge to get connected.

LIFX Founder, Marc Alexander said: “Next year is an exciting time for LIFX where we will expand our range and continue to add to the experience of home lighting. Tile Tap and Tile Fire are just the first steps in our plans to create a whole new set of lighting experiences for our customers. Smart home is an inevitable future and we want to make the process as seamless for our customers as possible, which is why we don’t use hubs or prevent existing users from experiencing the latest updates.”

Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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