Families in Dublin and Sydney enjoy dinner at the same table. #TheConnectedRestaurant.

Christmas is all about family coming together to celebrate and create special memories, but all too often loved ones can’t make it home. This Christmas, Three and Samsung created The Connected Restaurant to bring families and friends, who are separated by seas and continents together for Christmas Dinner, capturing scenes of pure delight and raw emotion. You might want to grab some tissues now as we all look forward to friends and family coming home this festive season

In a powerful and touching video, Three and Samsung bring loved ones in Ireland and Australia together to share a unique Christmas dining experience around one table at the World’s first Connected Restaurant. Viewers are advised to have their tissues at the ready before watching!

The film encapsulates the magic of personal connections as the story follows different Irish families and friends unable to spend Christmas together and their excitement of getting to sit down around one table.

Meet Trish, based in Sydney and unable to return home for Christmas having given birth recently. Trish’s Mother feels lonely without her and describes how much she’d love her to be home. The video captures the genuinely moving moment where the family connect over Christmas dinner including the heart-warming introduction of the latest addition to the family.

Powered by the Three network and Samsung technology, this one of a kind restaurant welcomed family and friends on opposite sides of the globe and gave them the opportunity to come together to share a Christmas dinner like no other. Over four days, The Connected Restaurant hosted 24 sittings in Ireland and Australia with one half of the restaurant based in Dublin and the other in Sydney. The true magic of The Connected Restaurant was that it connected family and friends who were over 17,000 kilometres apart to experience Christmas dinner as if they were sitting at the same table.

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Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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