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Blinkforhome gives advice on staying safe in your home, as evidence shows thieves becoming more tech savvy when it comes to planning burglaries. With the dark evenings now here and darker mornings we are now at this time of year more at risk from intruders to enter our homes and its time to take care of this now if you have not already and take some tips which Blink have sent us over.

I have reviewed and used their prodcuts and still do today and find the system a great set up and its sinple to use with an app on your smartphone that works every time and not only that it is a cost effective set up that does not require much tech expertise to set up and also the system is wireless throughout.


Home is the place where you and your family should feel safe and secure regardless of outside events. Unfortunately, home is also a target for criminals. There is increasing evidence that thieves are using a range of new technologies to target and plan burglaries. Reports of drone misuse to the Police soared by 352% in just one year, with Suffolk Police citing specific reports of drones being used to survey homes. Likewise, Police speculate that Google’s Street View and Earth applications which provide detailed imagery of homes and gardens are being used by professional burglars.


Conventional home security deterrents such as high fences, walls and tall trees are becoming less effective. However, homeowners can take action to reduce the risk of being burgled. What’s necessary is to disregard traditional concepts of home security where the focus is on the perimeter and entry points. By redefining outdoor security as the first line of defence, and employing smart home automation technologies, home owners can take the fight back to the criminals.


How to boost external security and make a property less attractive to burglars.


Trellis fencing and prickly hedges

High fences are hard to climb, make them harder by having a trellis on top. Prickly bushes protecting the boundaries are also recommended. The Metropolitan Police ranked the best bushes used to deter burglars with “Creeping Juniper” with its thorny stem topping the charts. Place prickly or thistly bushes under windows


Consider gravel driveways

Don’t underestimate the deterrent of a gravel drive, it’s noisy no matter what the weather conditions are or what time it is.  


Keep lawns cut back

A clear indicator that a property has been vacant for a while is an unkempt lawn. If you have long grass in the garden it could tell a burglar that the property is empty or that you and your family are away on holiday.


Take toys and garden tools inside

Expensive toys or bicycles left around the driveway or on the lawn are tempting prizes for opportunist thieves. To more seasoned burglars they are indicative that greater wealth resides inside the home.

Keep side gates locked

Make sure a side gate is locked and brace it by keeping wheelie bins behind it.

Keep a quality outdoor storage shed

Invest in a sturdy windowless shed secured with deadbolt locks to keep your outdoor possessions safe and out of sight. If your shed does have windows, make sure they have blinds that are kept closed to keep thieves guessing.


Anchor bicycles and motorcycles

With the soaring cost and popularity of bicycles in the UK, its alarming that only 5% of stolen bikes are recovered. If your bike is stored in a shed or garage use a D-lock or shackle to secure it to a workbench or other equally heavy and immobile piece of equipment. The same applies to motorcycles, engage the steering lock, use a disc lock and keep it under a cover to make it less attractive.



Install convex mirrors in blind spots

Often used as parking aides, convex mirrors also make great visibility enhancers for you and your neighbours. Place them at external corners of the property to help eliminate blind spots and deter thieves.


Remove your property from Google Street Maps
Celebrities like Paul McCartney and Jimmy Page have already had Google blur out the image of their homes on Street View and you can to. Simply locate your house on Street View, click “send feedback” at the bottom right of the screen where you’ll be redirected to a form titled “report inappropriate Street View”. Here you can request that you want your house blurred along with any other sensitive content such as car licence plates. Once Google process your request and you’ll be a step closer to better home security.

Install a smart outdoor video home security system
Research by Co-op Insurance last year found that 89 per cent of burglars said they would avoid a property or vehicle parked on a property if they saw that it was protected by a video security camera. Yet awareness of this is yet to filter down to homeowners. The same report disclosed that only 14% of UK adults say that they have video camera systems at home.  

Blink is the home security and HD video monitoring system that is revolutionising the home security market through its unprecedented image quality, battery life (two years on two AA lithium batteries), price point (systems start at £129.99, a fraction of the cost of other systems), and simplicity (do-it-yourself set up in minutes). Its wireless, weatherproof night-vision outdoor cameras can be placed anywhere on the property in range of the Blink hub, making it perfect for protecting parked vehicles, garages, sheds and exterior areas.  Its motion-activated video alerts are sent instantly to your smartphone and with live view options you have real-time intelligence on what triggered the recording. Unlike traditional CCTV systems this notification process enables homeowners to take immediate action such as calling the Police or warning family, friends and neighbours.

Additional Blink features include indoor and outdoor compatibility, Alexa and IFTTT integration, auto arming and disarming, free cloud storage, multi-system support, built-in temperature sensor and microphone.

Install smart lighting and motion detectors within the perimeter

Motion activated flood lighting is a great burglar deterrent. But its less effective if used in isolation. A persistent burglar could test your security by triggering it to see if there’s any response to an activation prior to breaking in.


You need to make sure your lighting is smart, by integrating it with other IOT (internet of things) services. You could perhaps link the triggering of the floodlights to activating house lights or an alarm. Or you could use a motion detection activated video security system such as Blink that includes infrared or regular illumination options and sends you a video clip alert.


Motion detectors are a more discreet form of external security, but a motion alert without the context that a video or still image provides is less useful.


Display Video Security Protection notices

If you have a video security system at home (or even if you don’t) display your security service on the outside of your house. As the research has shown, burglars tend to avoid properties with visible video security. Make sure the cameras and notices are secured out of arms reach by fixing them to walls, under eaves, under guttering etc.

Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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