Pure Telecom has carried out a survey that found that Irish accents baffle virtual assistants, such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. One-third of Irish users claim the programmes have difficulty understanding them. The survey also reveals which counties’ accents are understood most and least and it looks at perceived benefits and pitfalls of using virtual assistants..

Having used and own some myself I would tend to agree with these findings and often find myself going on like a parrot repeating myself over and over again and this does not happen to just me but we have to remember these pieces of tech are now beginning to invade our homes and have to learn to work efficiently which also requires a decent internet connection to work and remember this works the same way on our mobile phones too.

Given the results listed below it is easy to understand they don’t get our lingo or accent and if you talk slow you will often find they will eventually pick up what you are commanding them to do. These products are there to make life a bit more easy for us but we still have people with trust issues and rightly so due to recent news but there is an off switch when not in use to ease that fear that you might think these assistants are snooping in on us.

  Failure to understand accents and lingo is top Irish complaint about virtual assistants

–  People from Donegal (39%), Clare (36%) and Kerry (33%) are only occasionally, or never, understood by their digital companions

–   More than one-quarter worry about personal privacy when using virtual assistants

–   28% claim to be more informed thanks to virtual assistants, while 25% say they are more organised


Paul Connell, CEO, Pure Telecom

Commenting on the findings, Paul Connell, CEO, Pure Telecom, said: “As the survey shows, digital assistants are becoming more and more commonplace in our daily lives. While Irish people may have issues being understood by their assistant, their always-on availability has driven widespread use for tasks like streaming music and organising calendars.

 “Having a smooth and reliable internet connection is a must in order to enjoy the full benefits and fast responses of a digital assistant. Our survey showed that 59% of us use three or more internet-connected devices on a daily basis, highlighting our increasing reliance on fast broadband speeds.

 “At Pure Telecom, we understand the enormous part fast internet connection plays in people’s lives. We strive to offer the fastest speeds and most reliable connection for each individual customer, while also working with our partners to increase our coverage across the country in both urban and rural locations.”

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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