The construction industry is seeing a large increase in the amount of Artificial Intelligence being implemented into the industry. So, what are the benefits of using AI in construction and how will this impact the people currently working in this sector? The design of new buildings is a long process. AI can help to relieve some of the issues involved with modern construction.

British construction must recruit over 400,000 people each and every year between now and 2021. Equivalent to one worker every 77 seconds – if it is to create the homes and infrastructure the nation needs.

How can AI help construction?

  • Generative Design: The design process for new buildings can often take a lot of deliberating. With generative design, all that decision making is done for you.
  • Risk Mitigation: Using ‘Construction Language Analysis’, algorithms are able to understand and predict complex information, such as weather that would cause a potential water infiltration if not addressed.
  • Safety: AI technology and scanning software is being developed to scan the body movement of bricklayers to analyse form, thus reduce injury while on the job. Facial and object recognition is also being used to analyse individual staff members as well as the equipment they’re using to make sure they are qualified.

Check out the infographic below that powertools2U have sent over.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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