Autoaddress, the leading provider of Eircode address capture services in Ireland, has today announced that it has acquired new business worth €2.3 million over the past 18 months. This is an app I have been using extensively myself and preferred choice over the last few months in particular with some projects I am working on. 

The revenue of the Dublin-based company, which helps its customers to capture and validate addresses quickly and accurately online, grew 45% in 2017 and is on track to grow a further 33% in 2018 to €2 million.

Since the establishment of the Eircode system three years ago, Autoaddress has gone from strength to strength, now verifying over two million addresses every week.

Having launched its app in 2016, Autoaddress has also helped drivers to make more than two million journeys to Eircode addresses without having to call customers and ask for directions. In June 2018 alone, 12,000 drivers used the app 152,000 times, marking an increase of 105% compared to the previous year.

Autoaddress offers a custom and complete solution to a wide range of businesses which not only allows their customers to quickly and easily input their addresses online, but also encourages online transactions and enables effective delivery of products.

Pat Donnelly, Managing Director, Autoaddress pictured announcing that the company has acquired new business worth €2.3 million over the past 18 months.

Pat Donnelly, Managing Director, Autoaddress, said: “The need for an effective and accurate online address capturing service can be seen in the fact that our clients made over 100 million Eircode address lookups in the past year. We have over 12,000 active monthly users for our delivery driver app, and we only expect this to increase over the coming years as the demand for Eircode solutions rises.

“We understand how tricky Irish addresses can be, which is why Autoaddress is so useful to both customers and companies. As well as improving the customer experience and service delivery, businesses are benefiting from the software which boosts sales potential by simplifying the checkout process, increasing mobile conversions and ensuring accurate address data.

“Autoaddress, which has unrivalled expertise in the market, has the fastest interface and the highest match rate in the industry, making it a much more efficient and effective system. Moreover, like the companies that we provide this software for, we aim to continue serving our customers by constantly improving and innovating our products as the number one Eircode Provider and Accredited Encoder.

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Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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