We will be taking a look back a series of Nokia devices from yesteryear over the coming months with having about 250 Nokia devices or so in my collection,not including the new models. I have been asked by many to do a look back on some devices from the past and for some they will remember them and for some they will not but here we can see what the devices did and how they looked.

Today we look at the N-Gage and N-Gage QD Also check our interview with TRT WORLD on the comeback of the Nokia 8110 and what it means for us and what we can expect down the line.

N-Gage. Launched in 2003, Now discontinued, 2.1 inch TFT screen,Symbian 6.1 v1 OS, No camera, Bluetooth V1.1, WAP and an 850mAh battery.


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N-Gage D

April  2004, TFT 2.1 inch Screen, Symbian 0S v1, 1070 mAh battery.


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Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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