Smash – The file transfer service with no size limit for tech fans and creative minds. #Tech #Smash

Smash enables you to easily send files of any size. And what’s more, they send you an e-mail as soon as the recipient has downloaded your files. Your recipient can also preview your files on their computer or their mobile before downloading them.

What’s on Smash / Key points

No registration and free

Smash does not ask for registration and it’s free. Just drag and drop your files and enter your email address to send files.

No file size limits

Smash is the world’s first file transfer service with no file size limits. Send your files freely.

File preview

Smash proposes an instant preview of the files (pictures, videos and audio) before their downloads (full or partial) by your recipients. Even on mobile devices.

Customization of the download page

To enhance your image, Smash allows you to customize the download page of your files with a logo, images and videos. Each file transfer is a new communication opportunity.

Smash is an alternative to Wetransfer with no size limit, no ads and free.

Smash is a tool that appears to be an alternative to services such as Wetransfer which I typically use, One of the main assets of Smash is that there’s no limit size limit in its free version. Moreover it defines itself as ad-free.

How to send files via Smash

The process cannot be easier. Once on the homepage the only thing to do is to drag and drop the file(s) expected to be sent.

On the left-hand side pane are displayed the selected files while on the right-hand side pane user can enter recipients’ email set up a title and also create a custom URL.

User can also send files via a link, or Slack, instead of an email. Besides at the bottom, user can edit few parameters: for how long the files should be available (up to 7 days in a non-premium usage), disable/enable file preview, add a password and also change the design of the downloading page.

There’s a premium offer (60$ /year or 10$/month), that upgrade the files duration before expiration to 365 days and many other customization options as well.As you can see, Smash offers interesting options and the best of all is that the main part of those are free.

– No ads (never) but creative inspirations
– No size limit
– Preview files before downloading
– Customization of the link
Test Smash NOW at the following address:

Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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