Review – Leather cover case for the Nokia 7 Plus from @noreve #Nokia7Plus

When it comes to quality leather cases Noreve is a safe bet for any phone, Having reviewed multiple cases for the company they stand the test of time and bring a professional look to your device, The Nokia 7 plus leather case is no different and complements the copper edging of the device too. The case is made with high range full-grain leather, following a traditional procedure and has a thermoplastic inner frame, which won’t disturb the operation of the device..

To top all that off these cases are ALL hand made and not mass produced likemany cases we see today, For €35 you get quality throughout and the case looks well on your phone and in this case as mentioned above syncs well with the copper rim around the Nokia 7 Plus. Check out the image gallery below and video for more..

Leather case for the Nokia 7 plus –

 Smartphone’s covers  :

You can listen to music, increase the volume, take pictures or videos, all without blockage. The holder is authenticated by a small brand logo on the inner lining. It is possible to customise it by visiting Noreve’s site; you will be able to choose its colour and texture.


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