On first seeing such earbuds with the Jabra Elite Sport I initially thought these would not fit not stay in my ears but I was wrong,they have actually turned out to be very useful and used now when out and about much of the time and when the 65t came to surface they had my interest straight away and I actually find them as good if not better than the sport…

These are a bit smaller which for me was better and a better fit albeit tight at first and as before it took a few minutes to get used to their fit and after some time you would forget they are there but have the fear of loosing one at some stage but they have not managed to drop out at any stage just like their processors which is good.



There is two buttons on the left which control the volume and also allows you to skip tracks when listening to them via your phone or tablet or whatever device you might have connected. The right side has one button being the whole front if you will but not a visual button which allows HEAR THROUGH which is activated by the Sound plus app which gives you more functionality and control you can also play pause from the right side and take calls too which are pretty much crisp and clear from testing and this applies to both ends.

Set Up

Setting up was easy as expected and what I love as with most of Jabra tech you have voice instructions to help you along but all you need to do is press and hold each side for a few seconds and follow the voice prompts and anyone familiar with Jabra products will know what I am talking about when it comes to set up.

Battery Life

It is not the longest compared to headphones or others out there but for their size its great giving you around 5 hours but then you have the charging pouch that comes with it giving you up to 2 full charges on the go so they are ideal for anyone and easily one full day heavy use and fine for commuters whom have long commutes for work and so on.

Sound Quality

Perhaps it might be my ears but these sounded better than the Elite Sport and very crisp,calls where also good,although there is no sound controls bar the volume on the unit itself there is the choice of equalizer on your phone and then you have the option to use the Sound Plus app which will enhance the default setting they came at,all sounds be it highs lows and mids where reproduced well here and again I found them better overall in this department too for giving good clarity throughout and that added boom with volume, Many earbuds I have tested sounded tinny in some scenarios but these did at some stages but this was at the default setting but some adjustments in the sound plus app fixed that once and for all..

Hear Through

This is not a new technology but more manufacturers are taking in on board but have their own take,Jabra have used this before and in short it allows you to let the outside noise in but also letting you listen to your music etc, This is ideal again for commuters or cyclists who need to have their wits about them on receiving information for example at an airport,bus tation or railway station however this would impact on your volume and experience but this feature is there for a reason and rightly so and should be used so I cant see anyone complain about it.

Overall thoughts

First off i did not like the buds that came attached but you have three pairs to pick from but as a tester I try all and go straight in but just like the elite sport there was a set of buds that fit me perfectly and they do a good job of sealing the outside environment quite good, They did feel strange for a while as any new earbuds do but after some time you forget they are there.

The sound is great and most levels and especially loud and they offer simple to use controls and much of that is just a tap away rather than fiddling with the standard flush or raised buttons we are custom to. They are small and light and stand out from whats out there today and people  have stopped and asked me what are them things in your ears.


From someone who disliked earbuds or in-ears I have slowly taken this form on board and now beginning to use such much more as my daily drivers and experince a truely wireless experience with little fuss about fucntionality. I am known for the fondness of Overheads and Overear for example the JABRA VEGA headphones but they are the ones I leave at home these days and use the likes of Jabra when I am out and about but also when working at home I can connect to my PC or leave connected on my mobile phone keeping my hands free to do other tasks and commitments I do from my home office.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.