Mailock is a secure messaging platform which has been developed to protect sensitive information sent by email, with applications extending into instant messaging and documentation.

Since the first email systems surfaced nearly 50 years ago, usage has skyrocketed with over 240 billion emails sent daily across the world.  86% of professionals name email as their favoured communication method.

Mailock enables the user to benefit from the complex world of encryption in a simple and user-friendly environment. Senders can authenticate their intended recipients identity as well as ensure that no other party can intercept the communication, all using their existing systems and email addresses.  Aside from preventing unwanted interception, senders can also track when messages have been opened by an authenticated recipient, revoke message access if mistakes are made and benefit from a full audit trail of delivery – Digital Recorded Delivery®.


Companies that send confidential information electronically are often unwittingly breaching the Data Protection Act which can currently result in fines of up to £500,000 per incident. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will dramatically extend these penalties once effective in May this year.  Failure to comply could have catastrophic results so the new technology has been designed to help businesses meet Data Protection, GDPR and MiFID II obligations.  With industry figures estimating that cyber-attacks are costing UK businesses more than £30bn a year*, the potential financial implications, reputational damage and business interruption are huge.

Beyond Encryption started life nine years ago, borne from a desire to find a way to send and receive messages securely whilst also verifying that the recipient was indeed the intended party.  Technological advances have enabled its founder, Paul Holland, a serial entrepreneur and well-known personality in the financial intermediary market, to deploy this patent pending approach ‘to secure communications for all’.

Holland previously launched Webline in the early 1990s, creating one of the world’s first consumer facing comparison systems. This business evolved into one of the UK’s preeminent intermediary quotation platforms before it was acquired by Capita in 2006 when Holland became a non-exec until he left the company in 2009.  He then focused on another business interest which ultimately became Runpath, a creative financial technology company, acquired by Experian late last year.

Holland comments: “The World Economic Forum has ranked cyber-crime as amongst the top three risks the world will face this year, so it is a very real threat.  More words are shared in email than are spoken in the world each day, many carrying sensitive content which can be intercepted in much the same way as a postcard might be in the normal postal system. We’ve seen the regulator’s teeth become ‘sharper’, but the Information Commissioner’s Office also makes the point that businesses themselves need to take steps to improve processes and security. Mailock is part of that toolkit.   Everyone that uses email faces the same security risks and numerous examples of data leakage are raising legal, moral and reputational issues on a daily basis.  At Beyond Encryption® we’re passionate about protecting our users from cybercrime and the our platform has evolved over many years of research and development to enable its users to protect their digital communications data, and therefore their reputation.”

Mailock® also delivers a quantifiable enhancement to service levels by reducing the reliance upon traditional postal delivery.  This improves customer service, reduces postal costs and creates a real ecological benefit. that not only aligns with Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards but also safeguards senders and recipients alike.

Holland continues: “Sending messages, statements and documents by traditional post is slow, inconvenient, expensive, unsecure and ecologically unsustainable. Normal email is at best risky, and at worst illegal from a data security perspective.”

Kerry Nelson, founder and principle at Nexus IFA, has partnered with Beyond Encryption® as part of her strategy to help protect client data where other firms in her sector are yet to react to the increasing volume of cybercrime incidents.

Nelson commented; “Working smarter and more efficiently includes helping our clients to communicate with us in a secure manner, a hugely important topic when you consider the subject matter we are dealing with.  High-profile cyber security breaches prevail and having brought this important topic to my attention, the team at Beyond Encryption® has provided a simple yet secure solution, Mailock, that we are using successfully within our business and when communicating with our clients.”

Signing up for a Mailock account couldn’t be easier. The platform can be accessed via an online portal or users can benefit from a more streamlined and integrated experience by simply downloading add-ins / mobile applications which are compatible with most popular email systems and mobile devices.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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