Genuine Nokia 3,5, and 8 cases listed in Argos. #Nokia #Accessories #HMDGlobal

Well they are far and few between in bricks and mortar here in Ireland but that is about to change hopefully sooner rather than later. .One thing that has annoyed me over the last few months was the availability of genuine cases for the Nokia range which in fairness seems to be getting better but for in-store purchase in retail shops here that sell Nokia devices its a hit and miss.

Argos have now got a range in stock for the Nokia 3,5 and 8 listed which is good to see and most welcome. The Nokia 8 has still to drop at Argos but its expected to land from our sources, The NOKIA 3 and 5 are available via Argos as reported and the sim free prices are the cheapest in Ireland asking websites have reported recently, to date and these two devices are quite popular.

They are not listed on the online shop (ie web store) but they are in-store with their stock checker machines so pop in if you have not got a case or want a genuine one. Check out our range of case reviews here on site by using the search function and check them out in their full glory with video’s and images, we don’t take the lazy route of using stock image’s when reviewing products, we go hands on and show you the product in hand.

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