You may have seen similar offerings on Facebook lately which dont cut it but they are there and pricey to boot and the problem is of course range but what is mainly on offer is a portable option which would suit some but here is something new to check out coming soon..

An Official Licensed Product of Ford with Zero Emissions for the Bike Lane and Beyond

The Ford OjO Commuter Scooter has a range of 25 miles with three speeds up to 20 mph. Features include a patented on-board charger that plugs into any 110V wall outlet, dual Bluetooth speakers, LED front and rear lights, a USB phone charging port and a wireless key fob with an alarm system. “The OjO was designed to be an alternative mode of transportation for when your destination is too far to bike or too close to drive”, said OjO Electric’s CEO, Don Ratner. “No matter where one lives, Light Electric Vehicles (LEV’s) are a sustainable and smart choice for the environment, saving consumers time and money as they commute”. 

The Ford OjO Commuter Scooter’s 500-watt HyperGear motor climbs hills up to a 18% grade offering a stable and fun ride. The Ford OjO’s independent front and rear disk brakes offer improved braking stability while maintaining a unique patented look and sleek ergonomic design. The Ford OjO can support up to 300 pounds with its heavy gauge aircraft grade all-welded aluminum chassis for maximum durability and strength. “Ford is excited to be a part of OjO Electric’s innovative advancement for the bike lane, said Marketing Manager, Global Brand Licensing of Ford Motor Company, Matt Monroe. “OjO Electric’s new line of Ford branded scooters allows us to offer our customers versatile electric transportation around the globe.”   

 Priced at $2199 and up, the Ford OjO Commuter Scooter colors includes Ford race redlightning blue and ingot silver and racing stripes as true Ford branded colors. Custom OjO colors include black, orange, graphite, and the vintage inspired seafoam woody, vintage orange woody and vintage surfboard woody. Pre-sales for the USA and Europe will begin in 2018 and a twelfth model for select Ford dealerships will be available in early Spring.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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