Xeros Technologies the developer of polymer technologies which radically improve the sustainability and performance in water-intensive consumer and industrial processes, todayannounced three new technologies that will define the future of laundry in the home: XOrb™, XDrum™ andXFiltra™.

The combination these technologies provide consumers with enhanced fabric care, superior cleaning,cost savings and a much more sustainable laundry solution that substantially lowers water usage by up to 50%and addresses the environmental impact of microplastics from synthetic clothing.

Xeros is demonstrating these transformational home laundry technologies at Booth #42552 in the Sands Expo, Level 2, at the Consumer Electronics Show, January 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Xeros will also be demonstrating its innovations at the ShowStoppers event at the Wynn Hotel on January 9, 2018.

The challenge with home laundry today

When clothes are washed with a traditional home washing machine, they are subjected to extensive mechanical action as well as large amounts of chemicals and hot water. This harsh environment stresses the clothes, causingthem to lose their appearance and shortens their lifespan. It is estimated that each laundry cycle createshundreds of thousands of microfibers that are flushed away in the wastewater and eventually find their way intorivers, lakes and oceans to the detriment of wildlife and our food chain. Xeros’ new technologies help to solve these problems.

Xeros has invented three technologies that work seamlessly together to produce amazing washing results at thelowest cost to both the consumer and the environment while extending garment and fabric life.


Xeros Home Laundry Technologies:

XOrb Polymer Technology
At the heart of Xeros’ home laundry system is the XOrb polymer technology.  XOrbs represent years of research focused on the needs of the consumer and the need to save a valuable resource – water. Allowing washing machines to work more efficiently while using just a fraction of the water traditionally needed, XOrbs deliver a range of features including cold water washing, powerful stain removal, easier ironing and garment protection that keep clothes looking newer for longer. XOrbs last for many hundreds of washes before needing to be replaced and recycled.

XDrum In-Drum Technology
The XDrum is an elegant and inexpensive system which enables manufacturers to incorporate XOrb technology into home washing machine designs. This means that for the first time, manufacturers will be able to offer consumers the many benefits of washing with XOrbs that have only been available to commercial laundry operations.

XFiltra Filtration Technology
The XFiltra is a filtering technology that greatly reduces the number of microfibers entering the water cycle.  The XFiltra features a clever and elegant design for easy cleaning and hassle-free maintenance. It means that there is finally a solution that addresses the rising environmental impact that harmful microfibers are having on marine life.  See related news Xeros Introduces Filtration Innovation to Protect the Environment From Microfibers Created From Home Laundry.

Three technologies working together in one solution
When a wash cycle is started, XOrbs are added from inside the XDrum to mix with the clothes along with a small amount of water. The XOrbs gently massage the garments, loosening dirt and stains while reducing the tendency for the garments to crease.  The minimal cold water required for the wash cycle is filtered with the XFiltra, reducing microfibers that go down the drain. When the wash cycle is completed, the XOrbs automatically return to a holding area inside of the XDrum and are ready to be used again for the next wash.  Clothes can then be removed like a traditional washing machine, but with cleaner and better results.

“Our core purpose at Xeros is to give washing machine manufacturers and home laundry customers a washing solution that delivers unparalleled cleaning results and garment care, at the lowest cost, and with the greatest sustainability for our planet,” said Mark Nichols, CEO, Xeros. “We are delighted to be unveiling at CES our completely new, simple, and transformational technologies that deliver unprecedented results to the world’s consumers.”

Click here to see a video of this revolutionary technologie in action.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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