Recently Three had lots of enquiries about the Nokia 6 status and with some digging around and asking Three myself they stated it would be out of stock for some weeks which did not bode well for users wanting to purchase the device which is still exclusive to Three which is kind of a bad move, Having trawled local forums people on other networks want the device and are not prepared to jump network because of exclusivity, This is a damaging move these days and hampers sales.Regardless of stock issues for a new company that wants to spread its wings getting devices into peoples hands the exclusivity deals need to go ASAP.  This also goes for the Nokia 5.


Anyway some users have also reported ordering the Nokia 6 and have already received it and claim it to be sim free too so perhaps its a risk you might want to take but this is on your own call but most people are claiming the Nokia 6 is in fact unlocked which is not bad I guess.. Head to the links below on pre-pay and bill-pay if you are interested in the device.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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