VT, the Sigfox operator in Ireland, has signed a deal valued at more than €1 million with Dunraven Systems Ltd., a market leader in the design and development of ultrasonic fuel tank monitors.

VT will provide 250,000 global Sigfox subscriptions to Dunraven. This is equal to about 35 per cent of the total number of cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) subscriptions currently live in Ireland on Vodafone, Three or Eir networks.

Sigfox is an ultra narrowband internet of things network operating in more than 30 countries. The technology is optimized to provide a low-cost, low-power option for connecting simple devices directly to the cloud. Devices that only need to send small amounts of information can operate on battery power for up to a decade, opening up new business models and solutions that weren’t previously possible due to battery and cost constraints. Sigfox partners with local companies to build and maintain the network in each country, which in Ireland is operated by VT. VT’s Sigfox network currently covers 96 per cent of Ireland.

Dundalk-based Dunraven Systems is best known for its market-leading range of ultrasonic liquid level sensors, which have a variety of uses, including the monitoring fuel tanks in various fields like home heating oil. Previously, most of these devices could only communicate locally within a certain range of the tanks themselves, requiring a transmitter on the tank and a receiver display nearby. The user then monitored the screen and called for a refill when they saw the tank running low.

Pictured from left: Michael McCaughley, business manager, Dunraven systems, Mark Bannon CEO of VT, Gerry Jones, managing director, Dunraven systems, and Will Ferguson, COO of VT.

With this deal for 250,000 Sigfox connections, Dunraven can now build devices that communicate directly to the cloud. This opens up a world of new possibilities and business models, including a system where a fuel refill is automatically ordered by the device, preventing emergency callouts and cold winter nights without fuel.

“We are always looking for ways to enhance and future proof our products, and indeed the experience we provide to our customers. Having accessed the IoT space it became quickly apparent that adding Sigfox was the obvious choice, both financially and technology wise. Innovation has been the catalyst to our success and the addition of the Sigfox solution to the range will certainly significantly contribute to our business expansion moving forward,” said Michael McCaughley, Business Manager from Dunraven.

Dunraven currently has more than 750,000 devices deployed in 16 countries. With VT supplying 250,000 global subscriptions, this opens up Sigfox’s global ecosystem, with seamless roaming throughout.

“Having worked with Dunraven over the last 12 months, we are delighted to be able to provide their global Sigfox connectivity needs, allowing them to not only reduce their cost base substantially in terms of both hardware and connectivity costs, but offer new services and business models thanks to the power of Sigfox. Considering there are over 750,000 home heating tanks in Ireland alone, we are looking forward to the day when oil replenishment is totally automated thanks to the power of Sigfox and the reliability of Dunraven,” said VT CEO Mark Bannon.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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