Of all places for the products to turn up but there is several of Nokia Health Range prodcuts now avaialble to buy right now. Check your regions store for availability.

The scale is now available to purchase via Apple, The scale is part of the hard wear that Withings once owned which is the same as the old Withings watches which now have the NOKIA branding instead.For those whom want to keep an eye on their weight this is a nice complement to the watch or their full product range which all work under the one app which is Nokia Health and is compatible with Apple Health.


The Nokia Body + Scale offers highly accurate weight and full body composition measures – along with coaching, rewards and automatic sending of all data to the free Health Mate app on your iPhone or iPad. It also gives you a variety of tools such as trend screens and nutrition tracking that help you set and then achieve goals.


Highly-accurate weight measurement,Full body composition analysis,Health Mate app provides total health tracking,Easy setup and wireless synchronisation,Integrated nutrition tracking via MyFitnessPal,Maintains profiles for up to eight people,Compatible with Apple Health,Offers an Apple Watch app.

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Nokia Body Cardio Scale

Nokia’s Body Cardio Scale works with an app on your iOS device that helps you monitor your health and empowers you to take action to improve it. This connected scale gives you an at-home assessment of cardiovascular health via heart rate and cutting-edge pulse wave velocity measurements. Plus it offers highly accurate weight and BMI plus body fat and water percentage, muscle and bone mass measurements. All data synchronises seamlessly with the Nokia Health Mate app, Apple Health and other health and fitness apps for iOS.


Advanced pulse wave velocity measurement,Full body composition analysis,Health Mate app for total health tracking,Easy setup and wireless synchronisation,1.9-centimetre (0.75-in.) thin, flat aluminium base,Footless design for stability on hard floors and carpets,Profiles multiple users,Integrated nutrition tracking via MyFitnessPal,Compatible with Apple Health, Apple Watch

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Nokia Thermo Thermometer

With a simple scan across the forehead, the Nokia Thermo thermometer provides highly accurate temperature readings that quickly and automatically sync with the Thermo app on your iOS device. Now you can easily track temperature readings and fever episodes, get reminders and input related symptoms and medications right on your iPhone or iPad.


Highly accurate readings Cleared by the U.S. FDA, Non-invasive, no-contact measurement Ultra-fast measurement with colour-coded fever indicator In-app health advice with Thermia, a service developed by Boston Children’s Hospital,Maintains profiles for up to eight users,Battery lasts up to two years.

Nokia BPM+ Blood Pressure Monitor

Nokia BPM+ is specially designed for accurate heart rate and blood pressure monitoring when you’re on the go. This U.S. FDA-cleared device features automatic sync to the Health Mate app on your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to view trends and share results with your doctor.

Highly accurate heart rate and blood pressure readings,Cleared by the U.S. FDA,Travel-friendly design,App launches automatically and provides instant colour-coded results,All results available instantly on your iPhone via Bluetooth,Easily share reports with your doctor,Battery life up to one year.

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