Unboxing – The Y-CAM Evo mobile home security camera. #tech #security #home

We will be doing a few reviews on home tech to secure your home over the coming weeks. This is the second such option here now on techbuzz and this iis quite a nice little no obtrusive camera that can be placed anywhere which is exellent it can also be placed clevery where it would not be seen by those who might want to enter your property and catch them in the act. With the dark evenings coming soon security is a key factor and having such devices in your house could help prevent or catch those thugs who want to rob you of your goods..


  • Evo Indoor HD Wi-Fi Security Camera
  • FREE rolling 7 day cloud storage for 3 years
  • Safe and Secure
  • Quick & Easy set up
  • Relevant Notifications
  • Access on the go

Read more of the functions and features HERE there is alot on offer with this little piece of tech… Any questions fire away while we test it out over the coming fortnight or so.