I have been holding off on this post for some time to see if things settle but over the last few weeks I have been very active on social media about the Nokia 3310 which is due to launch soon officially here in Ireland. We have a problem though.

It seems things are progressively getting worse and the consumer is getting shafted with false variants now rampant on the market, Sadly this included local selling sites such as adverts and done deal, Adverts to be fair have been proactive and removed multiple ads on the 3310 whilst done deal could not give a flying fuck about anything, the funny thing though this is legal and the consumer in the end will lose as its very easy to create bogus profiles and then the ad can just vanish into thin air just like the seller,These accounts would be created in advance its nothing new and how people like this operate. See the conversation below. The term “caveat emptor” comes to mind.. And as it stands Done deal still has a rake of advertisements there for the device… As I said it’s completely legal to sell false goods and not an attack,these are the two most popular sites for buying and selling however Adverts as I said have been proactive about it and the advert count on the said phone vs done deal speaks volumes which im sure anyone else will agree on. From understanding the responses it is passing the buck leaving the customer duped..



In some cases advertisers were duped themselves which in some cases we believe at face value and did not realise they had a batch of duds and actually thanked me but I would say I have pissed off more than expected with individuals trying to make a quick buck out of the new Nokia 3310 and it does not only stop with these selling sites,we also have ebay and others but there is another site to be very careful when you are buying and it’s not the first time its come to my attention either with really low prices the site is called ONE DIGITALS which tout low prices and they have been on my radar a while now.. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE COWBOYS. https://ie.onedigitals.com/



In the city centre we also have shops littered with the fake models which one of our readers has kindly sent in some photos on who to avoid.. Image credits to https://twitter.com/BLAZEMONGER


Will the Nokia 3310 work and what about networks turning off 2G..

The phone will work and 2G will not be switched off anytime soon we checked with the providers and they have no plans to turn it off anytime soon so those who on social media saying it wont work and will be worthless next year here is your answer to that..We asked so there is solid proof regarding this as some just failed to accept a response otherwise.


What we do know and where you can buy the real thing.

Well for now the networks have been somewhat quite, We know Argos and Littlewoods will sell them however Littlewoods being most expensive, Dates are really up in the air although Littlewoods again make no sense with their commentary on the matter and we have seen their date pushed back once more from the orginal slated date. Argos have indicated stock very soon too and the carphone warehouse have also had an interest page posted…Also you can of course opt for the Amazon route via Parcel Motel for example which has  July 30th date pencilled in.



Something you have to consider is it worth the networks time to sell this due to its limited capabilities and is it worth it for the consumer to buy one on a plan given it would be free but then sticking them on a lengthy contract for some nostalgia or even a second phone, We have to wait and see what the prices are on pre-pay and who gets it first….For now sim free is the option.

What to look out for with the fake 3310 

Just look here at these images these are all FAKEs you can now spot them a mile away… Also check out a previous post on the topic HERE 

What is the real product like then..

Our friends over at NokiaMob are fans just like us and up to date on things and keeping an avid eye out too, We do not have the packaging nor box here yet but they are sitting somewhere right now waiting to be distributed lets just say that much…



Image credits above and See here for more.

Check out our unboxing

Want to buy? … Check Argos, Littlewoods,  Komplet, Clove or Amazon.. We’ve heard from our sources that the 3310 is launching next week on one network so far. Stay tuned…

Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Part time actor and security professional and brutally honest when it comes to opinions.