The VR scene has died off somewhat over the last few months with not much interesting apps hitting the stores but there is some good content there and new we are seeing a slight lift with new games popping up, We are testing a few at the moment.. The standard cardboard VR experience is a bit meh but its a good way of looking into the more advanced options available which is not so costly. The Samsung Gear VR is one fine example if you happen to already own compatible Samsung phones which alot of people do. The price on offer now on Amazon UK is really attractive and for 44 quid for the 2016 model is quite good and 40 for the first installment its worth snapping up they can be shipped via parcel motel and to conversion rates check in at €42.54 for Version 1 and €50.25 at the time of writing..  If you cant wait for shipping Argos are also selling off the First model for Just €60 euro..





Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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