Irish-led, Sweden-based cybersecurity company, BehavioSec (, has partnered with one of America’s oldest animal welfare charities, to give a selection of adorable adoptable puppies and kittens extraordinary, rare names, designed to provide their new owners with a lifetime of more cybersecure passwords and security questions.

In a project devised by CEO Neil Costigan, to combat the waves of easily-guessable Fidos and Whiskers, BehavioSec’s experts provided Bideawee ( with five names inspired by historical, religious, and mythological sources from cultures around the world, that are both hard to hack and easy for kids to shorten.

In a digital first, Bideawee ( – one of New York’s oldest pet welfare organizations – has teamed-up with BehavioSec ( – a leading cybersecurity platform from Sweden (now with an office in the city) – to allocate extraordinary names to five of its adoptable puppies and kittens. These names are designed (through length, lettering, and rarity) to act as more secure choices for future passwords and security question answers; ensuring that New York parents are not only providing their children with a deserving pet friend, but are also improving their cybersecurity defences for years to come.

The initiative, which follows BehavioSec’s opening of a new premises on Madison Avenue, comes at a time of heightened cybersecurity concerns in the city, with the Attorney General’s office revealing that 1.6 million New Yorkers suffered personal record breaches in 2016.

A 2013 report by Google confirmed the custom for internet-users (both young and old) to use pet names as a mainstay of their cybersecurity. The report found that one in six people used the name of a four-legged friend as their password (making pets the most common source of passwords). Equally, ‘What was the name of your first pet?’ remains one of the most common fall-back internet security questions, particularly for resetting or recovering a password.

According to Veterinary Pet Insurance’s annual audit of US pet names, both cats and dogs are most commonly christened ‘Bella’ if female, and ‘Max’ if male (making these particularly risky choices as passwords). For cats, the next three most common names are Oliver, Luna, and Lucy, and for dogs, Lucy, Bailey, and Charlie.


BehavioSec has given five of Bideawee’s puppies and kittens in need of homes unusual names that conform to the following (harder-to-hack) criteria:

⦁ Are actual names derived from historical, religious, and mythological sources (Behaviosec, as a Swedish startup, drawing inspiration for some of the names from Norse myths)
⦁ Can easily be turned into shorter nicknames that are simple for children to pronounce and remember
⦁ Contain letters that can easily be substituted with numbers (e.g. ‘s’ becoming ‘5’) – to satisfy common password entry requirements
⦁ Are both pronounceable and full of character, but obscure enough to be comparatively unguessable
⦁ Are over 12 characters long – not only to satisfy the recommended password length but also to conform to BehavioSec’s behavioural biometrics focus (with longer passwords allowing for more personalized data about the user to be collected)


The full gallery of the cyber-secure adoptable pets, and information on how to adopt one, can be found at:


Johan Dalnert, Chief Marketing Officer at BehavioSec, comments: “I think this initiative rightly emphasizes that IT security needs to be front of mind. The modern approach to security consists of multiple layers that work together, and Bideawee’s new four-legged friends Nunbarsegunu and Chimalpopoca can help their owners secure this password layer. That’s why we’ve partnered with one of New York’s longest-established animal welfare charities; to let parents bring home a new member of the family whose name will also provide added password security for years to come.”

Jennifer Goodwin, Vice President of Development at Bideawee, comments: “We are thrilled to partner with BehavioSec to raise awareness for pet adoption while reminding new pet parents to be cognizant of keeping passwords secure, even if it means forgoing Fluffy and Fido for something slightly less vulnerable like Nunbarsegunu.“





The puppies and kittens:

Skallagrimsson “Skalla”, the brown boxer mix puppy
skælæˈgrɪmsən (skah-lah-grim-son)
Suggested password: Skallagr!m55on
Named for the Viking warrior-poet, adventurer, and hero of the Icelandic saga Egill’s Saga.






Nunbarsegunu “Goonoo”, the black shorthair kitten
nʊnˈbɑːrˌsɛgʊnuː (noon-bar-seh-goo-noo)
Suggested password: Nunbars3gu^u
Named for the ancient Mesopotamian mother goddess, mentioned in creation texts as the ‘old woman of Nippur’.





Chimalpopoca “Popo”, the Chihuahua-terrier mix puppy
t͡ʃiːmaɬpoˈpoːkaː (tshee-mal-poh-poh-kah)
Suggested password: Ch!malpop0ca
Named for the 15th-century Aztec king, whose name means ‘smoking shield’ in Nahuatl.




Bellerophontes “Bell”, the black shorthair kitten
bəˈlɛrəfəntiːz (beh-leh-roh-fon-tees)
Suggested password: Beller0phonte$
Named for one of the greatest heroes and monster-slayers of Ancient Greek mythology, who killed the Chimera (described by Homer as a beast with a lion’s head, goat’s body, and serpent’s tail).




Keumalahayati “Kuma”, the black boxer mix puppy
kjuːˈmælæhaɪˌɑːtiː (kyew-mah-lah-hai-ah-tee)
Suggested password: K3umalahayat!
Named for the 16th-century admiral of the Aceh Sultanate (today Sumatra, Indonesia), the first female admiral in the modern world, who defeated Dutch invaders and led negotiations with Queen Elizabeth of England’s envoys. She was killed in an assault on the Portuguese fleet.




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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