Black Duck Software has been named a US-Ireland Top 50 Company by The Irish Echo, the USA’s largest and most widely read Irish American weekly. Black Duck was presented with the award honoring 50 major companies with operations in the US and Ireland during the New York/New Belfast Investment Conference at Pier A, Harbor House in New York City.

Black Duck joined Northern Property, Norwegian Airlines, and Bank Of Ireland as one of the 50 firms recognized for bringing business in Ireland to global heights.

Editor of the Irish Echo, Ray O’Hanlon, said the awards were an acknowledgment of the unique bonds between the two nations.

“The unmistakable and unbreakable bonds between Ireland and the United States have proven a key element in Ireland’s progression, both in terms of peace and prosperity. Those bonds grow ever stronger when underpinned by economic growth and business relationships.”

Black Duck opened its Belfast-based Open Source Security Research Group in late 2016. The Northern Ireland group is a component of Black Duck’s global Center for Open Source Research and Innovation (COSRI). The Northern Ireland group plays a major role in COSRI’s research work by analyzing open source security issues and attack patterns, and by providing customers with actionable information on vulnerabilities, corrective actions to reduce risk and strategies for effective, secure use of open source.

“Since creating COSRI, we have been increasing our strategic investments in open source security research and innovation worldwide,” said Black Duck CEO Lou Shipley. “Northern Ireland has the depth of security research talent to meet our needs both in the near term and for the future, and we look forward to continued growth and success.”

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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