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1867, the peak of Victorian era. You play a private detective from London who arrives in a grim coastal town of Snowport to investigate a distress call from your old friend. You find him brutally murdered, and a short visit quickly turns into a full-scale campaign against criminal masterminds, corrupt police and a secret science society.




Silent Streets gives players two augmented reality features:

  1. In-game crime evidence is scattered in your real world surroundings. You discover these objects with your phone camera and tap on them to collect and use in your investigation. A murder weapon could be lying right on your working desk, just look around.
  2. You physically walk with the phone in your pocket to get around Snowport. The game uses your phone’s accelerometer and GPS sensors to measure how close you are to your game destination, such as a crime scene or your detective’s office. You can use your daily commutes, shopping trips or fitness time to progress through the story.



  • The core of Silent Streets is a choose your own adventure gamebook, packed with memorable characters, puzzles, side quests and subtle humour. Inside game locations, you interrogate Snowport citizens, confront them with evidence, and build relationships. There are different ways to solve the case, and you can save let the criminal live – or pass your own judgement.
  • To further immerse player into the Victorian mystery world, Silent Streets is adorned with beautiful illustrations, an interactive map, full-scale voiceover by professional actors, ambient sound scenes and orchestral music.
  • Every Silent Streets episode is a self-contained detective case, and each case gets you closer to solving the big puzzle of Snowport. Who pulls the strings in the underground world? Will mysticism work where science fails? And finally, what is the Snow Queen project?
  • Episode One is scheduled for a limited release in Ireland on 23 June 2017, with more chapters to follow in July, August and September. The global release is planned for end of July this year. Smartphones with iOS and Android systems are supported.
  • Silent Streets Episode One will be available with a 100% discount in App Store and Google Play from 23 to 30 June.






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About the team and who are they…

Silent Streets is developed by Funbakers, a small independent game studio based in Maynooth, co. Kildare. The project won the Competitive Start Fund programme run by Enterprise Ireland in 2016, and was well received at a number of game shows and contests, including EGX (Eurogamer Expo) 2016 in Birmingham, WexWorlds 2017 in Wexford and Meaningful Play 2016 in the US.


Demid Tishin – game design/CEO –

Alex Nitz – art/game design –

Ilya Moshkov – marketing/investor relations –



Сontrary to the popular “three is a crowd” group dynamics we strongly believe in a “three of a perfect pair” approach in everything we do as a company. Connecting Saint Petersburg, the cultural heart of Russia, with Samara, the heartland of Russian beer, we are steadily moving towards Dublin, the European beer capital of IT and good music.

Every boyband has a smart guy, a good-looking guy and a bad boy on board. We have Demid Tishin, an entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in IT as a CEO of a successful company, he’s at the bright side of the company. On the dark side we have Ilya Moshkov, who is trying to look bad-ass but still being a white collar business school alumnus. And on the side that actually works we have Alex Nitz, an American-educated medicine doctor, who is there because it’s cool to have a real doctor in your team and because he happens to be a talented art director.

We want to make cool games that actually do matter!   


What People are saying…

  • “It quickly hooked me in with the strong story and the interesting real-world walking mechanic” – Jon Martindale,
  • “Maybe this will be more satisfying than PokemonGo was ;)” – @AppUnwrapper
  • “Recommended!” – Indigo Pearl @indigopearluk


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