I would not be the worlds number one fan of selfie sticks but I have to respect those that do like them and here today is an example of a new idea which is a case that has a selfie stick built in.. Sounds good? Well if you are an iPhone or Samsung owner (Selected models) look no further…


No need to carry a big bulky stick separately, Stikbox is pocket size and features a full length selfie stick/kickstand.





The idea was conceived when Sherman saw the hassle associated with the conventional selfie stick and realized the benefit of creating an innovative new product.

The smartphone case is lightweight and compact while still being able to pull out a 28-inch selfie stick. The case is just 0.6-inches deep, and the backside holds the collapsed aluminum sections of a 28.3-inch-long selfie stick. When you need it, just pull it out, swivel your phone, adjust the angle, and shoot.

Stikbox works by sliding the small multiple aluminum pieces that sit side-by-side and make up the back of the case into one long continuous stick,” Sherman said.

Equally useful is the kickstand feature that allows your phone to be propped up. Whether you’re using the product as a phone case, kickstand, or a selfie stick, all the control buttons and functions will remain accessible.

Soon available for £39 from Stikbox.com



Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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