Here at Techbuzz we like the devolo products, plug them in and they work, no firewall configuration, no IP address configuration setup. They just work and provide a 3-year warranty which is impressive. Techie & non-techie can use this devolo Gigagate.

The base station and satellite pair together automatically, so there’s no technical set-up required, this gave fast, reliable internet connection, this took 60 seconds for the base station and satellite to connect to each other. The devolo Gigagate is compatible with all routers, set top boxes and media receivers. The devolo Gigagate can be expanded to a complete home network with up to eight Satellites.

My current speed normally reads over 40 Mbps when in the same room as the standard router, I experience issues when there is a variety of gadgets connected taking up the bandwidth. When using laptops, phones, iPad, smart TVs, and games consoles simultaneously the speed drops as a result, this is where the devolo Gigagate comes out on its own

The devolo Gigagate is different to the Devolo Wi-Fi ac Repeater which was reviewed in January at

The devolo Gigagate sends a direct and targeted data stream to one specific area where a lot of internet gadgets devices are in use, not necessarily just a Wi-Fi dead zone. This is done via the 4×4 Quantenna technology for a focused and high-performance point-to-point-connection using the 5 GHz band. This also increased the Wi-Fi range up to 300 meters which can be expanded.



Package contents

  1. devolo GigaGate Base
  2. devolo GigaGate Satellite
  3. Two mains adapters with power cables
  4. Two network cables (Cat 5e, 1000 Mbps)
  5. Hard copy of installation guide
  6. CE declaration


System requirements

  • Operating systems: Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit),
  • Windows 8 (32 bit/64 bit), Windows 8 Pro (32 bit/
  • 64 bit), Windows 10 (32 bit/64 bit), Windows 10
  • Pro (32 bit/64 bit), Linux (32 bit/64 bit), Mac (OS X 10.6)




  • 2 Gbps connection rate for an optimal and lossless multimedia experience
  • Can be used simultaneously for a game console, smart TV, PC, tablet, smartphone, NAS, cloud, server and more
  • Five LAN ports: 1x high-speed gigabit port for connecting high performance devices and 4x fast Ethernet ports for other cable-based multimedia devices
  • Additional Wi-Fi access point to give extended Wi-Fi coverage
  • 4×4 Quantenna technology for a focused and high-performance point-to-point-connection using the 5 GHz band
  • Enables lossless data transmission from flat to flat or from one building to another
  • Security via AES encryption
  • Compatible with all routers, set top boxes and media receivers
  • Can be expanded to a complete home network with up to eight Satellites



Firmware devolo GigaGate Satellite

The firmware controls the product functions. This version optimises the function of the product. Installation is a simple setup process.




devolo Cockpit

Those of a technical nature can use the devolo Cockpit configuration software tool to monitor and optimise their dLAN® network. Available for Windows, Macs and Ubuntu. There is a software wizard for optimisation of the transmission rate in the dLAN® network and enables adapter updates over the network. It displays the connection speed of all adapters in the network. firmware updates can be implemented right over the network the devolo Cockpit software is available from


Review Test


This was tested with my standard router which gave a reading of 42 Mbps, then connected with the devolo Gigagate, I got a reading of 71Mbps. This was from the same location which was a great improvement. Again, various products were connected, Laptops, Tablets, phones, smart TV, and a games consoles simultaneously these had a video played on each and watched the result. Normally this would result in slow internet often having to reboot the router, on this occasion there appeared to be no delays or drop in signal.  



Again, devolo do the simple things well, I like this feature: Deactivating the LEDs on the device LED settings, Device LEDs on/off. The LED status display can be disabled by enabling the option Device LEDs, such as for avoiding unwanted lighting in a bedroom. The LED status display is activated in the factory default state.




Having a good view out of the window of a home is considered less important than having a good broadband connection for some homebuyers. I am in this category. Technology improvements, including fast, reliable internet around the home / business allows working from home a reality. This product while not inexpensive does what is said on the box and gets my thumbs up for ease of use, reliability and works. Further details available at


Available at  £219



Support telephone numbers are listed for various countries, E.g. UK national rate number, UK: +44 (0)203 80003;  Ireland is not listed but support can be got via another countries option of +49 (0) 24170525 18 (international rate).

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