The HTC U11 is now official but is it enough to win the fans back, Commentry has been mixed but this can be expected with any new lauch with comment for and against it is a tough one to call just now and again with the infamous DXO rating touting the best camera off the bat well we seen where that has went before….

I do have a place in my phone box for HTC,there is actually quite a few in it now and still await to see the U Ultra which looks stunning and better than the new release I still think but by now most reviews seem to think of it as lacklustre device in 2017 which is true to some extent but the price is another matter and here we are still waiting for the new installment in Ireland,However can buy them sim -free with extornionate price tags mind you heading up to €900…



So has this new offering got enough to win the fans?? Already we see no bluetooth 5.0 ,No Headphone jack and wireless charging these are arguable points but in our case Wireless charging never took off here, BT5.0 is new and as for no headphone jack,well that is touchy I like both wired and wireless options but moving on to USB-C its a non arguement. The design launguage is again with 3D formed glass and looks nice and takes that industrial desgin look away from whats now the norm… One of the new features is the abilitiy to squeeze the device the take photos and we will be able to map other functions here,is this a gimmick or something we can see again.. Well lets wait and see….





  • The HTC U11 introduces Edge Sense, a new age of phone interaction. HTC wanted to go beyond the touch screen so created an entirely new and intuitive way to interact with a phone – Edge Sense. Edge Sense transforms the fundamental gesture of gripping a phone into a completely new and revolutionary interaction with your phone. A simple squeeze unlocks a whole new world. Edge Sense dramatically expands the functionality of your phone. With a simple squeeze, Edge Sense lets you take photos, launch your favourite apps and Google Assistant, text on the go (via Voice to Text) and more.
  • Liquid Surface – reflects U brilliantly. By layering highly-refractive precious minerals across the phone’s back cover, HTC has created stunningly vivid new colours that transform light with every movement made.
  • 3D Glass Screen – True-to-life colour and a pure viewing experience. HTC U11 has a 5.5” 3D glass screen designed to preserve the authenticity of the image.
  • HTC U11’s water resistance coupled with the remarkably useful Edge Sense technology allows photos to be taken in the rain or shine.  The water won’t allow use of the screen but Edge Sense makes it possible to snap with an effortless squeeze.
  • USonic – one of the most advanced headsets ever built for personal audio. HTC U11 introduces the latest version of HTC USonic, which combines active noise cancellation with the ability to tune audio to individual hearing. HTC USonic earbuds map the inner ear with an advanced sonar-like technology and then adapts the sound profile to the individual biology. This creates an incredibly personal and optimised listening experience with vibrant audio shaped specifically for the individual. Active Noise Cancellation continuously monitors environmental sound levels, and quickly adjusts to any new noises or disturbances.
  • HTC BoomSound Hi-Fi edition speakers have had an upgrade – the speaker design is updated to deliver more loudness and better Dynamic Range Audio. On top, the tweeter now offers an acoustic chamber that allows the highs and mids to sound richer. While below, the woofer sports a new speaker and improved magnetic circuit design for louder, clearer and appreciably deeper bass tones. Resulting in a natural soundscape with exceptional audio detail.
  • Camera – One of the highest rated cameras ever, the HTC U11 camera has achieved a DxOMark score of 90, making it one of the highest rated smartphone cameras in DxOMark history. The multi-axis optical and electronic stabilisation system, and super-fast autofocus in all lighting conditions make the camera quick, pictures sharp and videos smooth. The improved camera and video allow for a dynamic exposure range with HDR Boost without the lag, new white balance enhancement, a major reduction in noise, and excellent detail preservation.



HTC U11 incorporates the same full sensor auto-focus technology that’s found in top DSLR cameras, allowing for significantly faster focus speeds. HTC U11’s exceptional optical and electronic stabilization system will keep your photos and video steady and crisp even when your hand is shaking. The new front camera now combines high-resolution 16MP detail and our UltraPixel light sensitivity for brilliant selfies day or night. It also utilises the same powerful HDR Boost and noise reduction as the main camera.

  • HTC Sense Companion – A smart digital companion. Inside every HTC U11, HTC Sense Companion works to learn individual daily patterns over time in order to offer more convenience to the user every day. HTC Sense Companion will notice appointments that day and remind the user to recharge ahead. With Performance Boost, HTC Sense Companion will make sure the phone is running at its optimum speed, suggesting clearing junk files and unused apps for more free space and will activate Boost+ anytime the phone needs a little extra juice.

HTC Sense Companion will let the user know to dress warm or if they might need an umbrella. When it comes to getting fit, HTC Sense Companion keeps up with daily movements and provides you a weekly step-count report. HTC Sense Companion can recommend interesting restaurants and visitor points nearby, it can also track traffic conditions and if there is a jam or delay, it can interface with Google Maps to find alternate routes.

The U11 is set to cost €749 and some would say once again another manufacturer jumping on the pixel and iPhnoe pricing bandwagon is not a good move and for me I have to agree,it is at the top tier of pricing lacking whats on offer looking at the mass market appeal….




By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.