Need something done and cant do it yourself or dont have the time too,In this busy world be live in this is often the case but there is finally help at last.. We speak to Brenda Mc Loughlin CEO and CO – Founder of a new Start Up called Wantajob which allows you to get things do you dont have the time for or simply just hate doing..




Wantajob will revolutionize everyday work.  Around the world many individuals don’t have work opportunities that cater to there skills and hard work ethic. At wantajob we are creating an easier everyday life for many people.

Wantajob is a simple odd job website that connects communities, small businesses and enterprises together with skilled people who are willing to avail of odd job opportunities and earn extra money. They are a new development that pits these three categories of people together. It is called wantajob.


Wantajob is currently focusing on the Republic of Ireland and helping its people satisfy their odd job needs and requests. On the website, users can request for the kind of help they need which includes cleaning jobs, taking care of the Home or garden, getting help for their businesses and lots more.

The site is easy to navigate and easy to use which is handy and there is lots of default options just jump straight into on opening the page so you can hop right in and start searching for that job you need done,its also broke down nicely into ccategories offering a featured category and most popular..

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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