NHS cyber attack – RiskIQ give initial insight! #NHS #RiskIQ #Ransomware #CyberAttack

In response to the breaking news reporting that the NHS has experienced a cyber attack, RiskIQ give an initial insight on the situation..  16 NHS organisations had reported that they were affected by this issue.




“The reported attack on NHS across the UK is a strong warning to healthcare institutions and government organisations as a whole to adopt a more proactive approach when it comes to securing and taking responsibility for an ever-growing digital footprint. Although it is not yet clear how the infrastructure has been accessed, we have seen in previous cases that there are many points of entry currently leaving the data and infrastructure of the UK’s trusts vulnerable to cybercrime.


This includes exposed frameworks and servers, vulnerable links with unsecure remote logins, and company domains due to expire imminently. Only by continuously monitoring the external attack surface can NHS organisations begin to detect and implement the right security measures to protect itself and patients against increasingly sophisticated attacks.”

Fabien Libeau, Technical Director at RiskIQ


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