For those who are interested in a bit of history it might be for you but it costs a couple of euro..

Created by Lithodomos VR the app is now available on Andriod and iOS and it will set you back  €2.49 Not a whole lot but some will not pay for it.. Lithodomos VR specialise in ARCHAEOLOGY VIRTUAL REALITY CONTENT FOR TOURISM, EDUCATION AND ENTERTAINMENT


Survey the Western Wall and surrounding city from several vantage points – at modern street level, from the Tyropoeon Valley, at the base of the wall, and atop Wilson’s arch.


Nonetheless it will take you back in time to give you a look at how things where 2000 years ago and its been thoroughly researched to ensure archaeological accuracy..



Lithodomos VR is an innovative virtual reality company that creates archaeologically accurate 3D reconstructions of the ancient world. Every detail of this reconstruction has been thoroughly researched, backed up by sound evidence, and approved by a professional archaeologist. For this reason, the app can be considered not only for entertainment purposes but also as a useful educational tool.







By Jim O Brien/CEO

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