Lately we’ve seen that wearable tech has lost its impact, but that doesn’t mean companies are giving up on it.

And that’s something we really want to see, when a company is not afraid of being creative with a project they sometimes come with incredible ideas.

Sony is working in the idea of changing how we feel the music.

Sony Motion Sonic

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This bracelet will let you create music using your body movements and the wind resulting of it, turning it on different sounds.

Sadly, this is not something you will find in the next big tech event (or who knows) as is still on “experimental stage“. But the resulting “experiment” has proven to be a interesting and way more fun way to interact with the music.

Is not precisely “small“, and the reason for it is perfectly understandable at this point.


You will find 3 microphones to capture the whooshing sound of movement and a 6-axis sensor to capture speed, angles and even the direction of the movement to make it more precise.

But take a look at it:

As you can see, there are some “pre-sets” on how to use it, but this may change to give full freedom of movement.

The device is fully wireless as you may expect and the sound will be push though Bluetooth speakers.

The company has been running a campaign called “The Experiment” where professionals try out the device. Resulting in pure awesomeness

I know one of my little sisters (she’s on her 20s so not so little any more) would love to add this to her dancing classes, but tell us

What do you think of this? Would you be interested on try it out? As a musician, does it caught your attention?

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