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Huawei Mate 9 now on sale in Ireland. Three Exclusive. #Huawei.

Huawei have a great relationship with Three as I only said a few weeks ago with their announcement to register interest for the P10 . Huawei have been dishing out phones left right and centre the last few months and now are a brand to consider offering great specs at a much lower cost than its rivals like Samsung. However their prices have increased to what we where once used to before being substantially cheaper but now all manufacturers seem to be loading an excessive price onto their flagships and recently UK priced devices announced at MWC follow suit keeping up with the Apple and Samsung’s.

This will be a turn off for many with newer devices from OEMs such as One Plus and Xiaomi just to name two coming in at half the price of your typical flagship devices,however the logistics is a problem here if something should go wrong..




Anyhow the all new Mate 9 is now available and these devices are big and powerful and the same can be said for previous models in the Mate line up. With the chance to buy on bill-pay you can spread the cost which is an option many will take up but then some prefer to purchase outright. The Mate 9 is €669 on pre-pay and from €149 on bill..

You can probably pick one up SIM FREE cheaper on the internet and be free to move network at will and enjoy faster updates but if this is something for you Three is the place to go right now…



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