You can get out of your Three Ireland contract here is why. #Three

If  you recall Three got a hammering when they planned to introduce a price some months back on 4G .Well there is a new €5 hike coming Friday. In short it will cost you about an extra €60 a year.. Corporate and legacy (02) customers are not affected according to three and by some users.

Important notice..Several people have contacted us saying they have been left with no service after cancelling from their current network,  The following would typically apply to all networks.

If you cancel your contract you have 30 days to port your number or move to another plan on the network,if you do not your number will be disconnected..


Under Regulation 14 of the European Communities (electronic communications networks and services)(Universal Service and Users’ rights) Regulations 2011 an operator shall, not less than one month prior to the date of implementation of any proposed modification, notify its subscribers to that service of the proposed modification in the conditions of the contract for that service, and their right to withdraw without penalty from such contract if they do not accept the modification.


Also on radio yesterday an EU coms spokeswoman warned any network trying to pull a fast one. There is no loophole which I tweeted as soon as I heard it.

So the first question people will ask is “Can I get out of contract” The answer is YES…. You might recall also some weeks ago about roaming charges too and they would be abolished but hey,,there is a loophole they found which was reported by the Irish Independent.   They have been warned not only Three but Meteor  again reports the Indo..

A complete joke was the final word on this article and I have to agree and so will anyone else..

From Friday Three have it now live on their website that changes will happen from Friday 3/3/17.

As per rule customers need to be notified by means of sms,email or by media be it the national press or their own site.

Getting out of contract with Three was a tiresome issue for me some months back when I had several contracts with only 6 or 7 months served over the usual duration but I won in the end.My matter was simply NO SIGNAL.. They argued with me about information and followed the usual scripted nonsense and also COMREG where slow to follow and did get back when I SORTED out the issue, Great job lads… But what did get me out of a wealth of screenshots and information which they simply could not argue with,Some of  this is actually on my Facebook page and detailed quite well and what I had to go through.

This time anyone on a contract with Three,bar legacy or corporate customers is entitled to exit their contract due to THEM changing the terms and this is always a good time for people to jump ship when something like this pops up and look for another provider…

30 days is now 28.. You loose weekend minutes and have to top up by €20 euro to get benefits.. #RAISESBOTHHANDS

See the full details HERE   

Tip. You have until the 3rd of April to discuss your options.

If you’re happy with three move their €30 pm Sim only plan. 

If you want to leave you have to give notice.. Call them.. 1800 818021

Read.. Three give prepay customers more time to exit