Earlier this year Samsung announced an update to its Notebook 9 as well for its TabPro S series, But now we have more information regarding the former, as it seems to be one of the best options on the market for those like us that love mobility.




The 2017 Notebook 9 is lighter, thinner yet more powerful that most ultra portables out there.

At only 1.8 pounds on the 13.3″ model is now the sleekest option in the market, But packing incredible power thanks to its 7th gen I7 processor, fast SSD and the option to get a dedicated NVIDIA 940MX inside.

Both, the 13.3 and the 15 inches models come with and ultra sharp FHD near bezel-less display that supports HDR to improve your media consumption and offer an Outdoor Mode which will boost the brightness up to 500 nits. So, working  on the park will not be a problem.

And for those moment when you’re at work and need to share a presentation with your co-workers, the slate display reclines 180 degrees so everyone can keep and eye on the project.

But what will be of this without a powerful battery to keep all that running?

The 13.3″ model will give you up to 7h of working time on a full charge and the 15″ provides up to 15h according to the company, plus the Adaptive Fast Charge Technology that has always be a brand game changer that promises to fully charge your new companion in only 80 min. But 20 min will be enough to give you around 2.5h of battery on the smaller model and around 3.5h on the big brother.

And as if this wasn’t already useful, the new model comes with USB type-C for fast as possible data and power transfer but also to allow you to use a normal power bank or even a your Galaxy devices charger to charge your computer.


To keep your device protected, the Windows 10 powered devices come with Windows Hello protection builds in discretely on the keyboard, via Fingerprint Sensor you become the only one with access to your files and projects.

Apart from all this, there’s also the 15″ EXT model which come with a dedicated NVIDIA 940MX graphics card, but thus far seems to be only available in the US Markets.

The 13.3″ base model will cost $999.99 with different scales all the way up to the $1.399.99 that will cost you the high end 15″ model.

There are 4 models to choose from, two of each size. And they come in three colors although right now you only can find the Light Titan version for the pre-orders at least.

But take a look at this beauty.



What are you thoughts on this new bad boys? Will you get one if possible?

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