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Argos gift voucher scam to watch out for. #Argos #Vouchers #Scams

Yesterday when browsing through the Argos website a pop up arrived sporting a nice voucher to win to the tune of 500 quid. Sounded nice and looks genuine indeed and easily could have fooled people however this turned out not to be the case and Argos have confirmed its a fake. Like with most of these scams it would require you to enter some information and not only that it meant you would have been automatically subscribed to a prescription service which in effect would drain your account…






The threat is today still there and despite getting in touch with Argos they themselves have not bothered mentioning to the public though they have said they reported this threat. One thing that annoys me is how the lack of being proactive in such incidents remains rife with multiples like this or chain stores where we regularly see such scams.  A little goes along way about making people aware..

See our conversation HERE on Twitter with them about it..You have been warned.


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