Scalpers #CEX selling the nintendo #NES for €135, Watch Smyths/Argos for stock. #GAMING

Some months ago we seen the scalpers that CEX are selling the Nintendo NES for €190 which pissed of quite alot of people and you can shove your supply vs demand theory where the sun dont shine. Even up till late the unit went down by a huge €10 to €180 which obviously did not move and I hope they where stuck with them…

The same applied to people on local advertising site requesting stupid amounts of money for them and they are still there today and feel free to check that out.  Good news however has surfaced over the weekend that Smyths Toys where to get stock in albeit limited and this turned out to be true with many users reporting picking up the classic gaming console.. “Even Today”..

Smyths Toys still have this advertised but I would suggest going into store just in case there is some more stock due in or some left over.. They are asking for a tidy price of just €64.99…..

CEX have dropped their price all the same but now asking almost double the retail price which still for me is a form greed and here is the proof below, We will not link their offering for been such greedy ass-holes…

Keep and eye out in Smyths and Argos and dont pay these people silly amounts of money.





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