Irish #VR app. View property in #VirtualReality from your couch. #Property #360video

Over the last few months we have seen the explosion of tourism VR apps hit the scene and make no mistake this will not die off anytime soon because its popular. This also gives potential tourists a real good perspective of the country the might wish to travel too. This new app which is Irish does the same for property buyers and sellers alike which is really a good idea for several reasons and physically going to see the property is one main example as its time consuming. Time is an issue for many people today in this fast paced world but with an app like this potential buyers can get a really good view of property on sale from literally anywhere. Not only that if you are an agent or potential seller you can create your own 360° videos for all to see.. You can check out their website too over at http://www.propertyviewing.co/

You dont have to have  VR headset to use the app but Its a must to try out you can use your device on its own and just move it around like any similar app…Note that the app is in BETA but its pretty good.






If you want to view or buy a real estate:
• View Real Estate in Virtual reality & 360° image mode.
• Immerse yourself in Virtual Reality tours with a compatible VR headset.
• Search property listings by drawing a zone on google maps.
• Create and apply different filters
• Order the properties by price, area size, date, etc.
• Heart properties you love to add thrm to your wish list.
• Send a “book viewing” request to the the Agent to arrange a visit.
• Manage your booked viewings & send messages to Agents.
If you want to sell your property or you are an agent:
• Create your own Virtual reality tours with a 360° camera.
• Share your property tours with clients in social media, email & SMS.
• Receive booking requests & messages from interested viewers.

For best result when creating tours use a one–shot spherical camera.
Example: “Samsung Gear VR”, “RICOH THETA S”, etc.







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