Microsoft Ireland now offering the Lumia 650 for €99. #Microsoft #Lumia650

The Lumia range is slowley vanishing from stores and on-line too which means the end is probably nigh for the last trio of devices running Windows 10. With price cut after price cut Windows Phone is almost dead here in Ireland and with a year on year trajectory going the wrong way its not good news. For those waiting on a new device anytime soon……..You will be left waiting.. You can though if you like spend stupid prices like you would for an Apple device with the HTC Elite x3 that runs Windows 10 but that will set you back over 900 euros which is ridiculous.





Anyhow there is a deal on now for the Lumia 650 in both Black and White for just €99 which is of course sim free, I have been using one of these on and off the last few months and its not a bad phone to be fair with a premium look and build for me it looks better than the more expensive 950 and 950 XL. You better be quick though as Black had “Sold Out” stamped in there…However keep an eye on the store as this can change anytime..



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